Smart metering and your business

COVID-19 update

We're pleased to say that we're now in a position where our meter operators are starting to return back to the field. What this means is that we're able to start booking smart meter appointments and carrying out installations. There are still some restrictions in place whilst staff are returning back to the field. Non-emergency appointments in Scotland are still on hold until further notice in line with the latest guidance. We apologise for any inconvenience.

We've put new procedures in place for everyone's safety. Our installers will:

  • wear gloves and visors during the installation,
  • adhere to strict hygiene measures,
  • follow social distancing guidelines.

Check how we're staying COVID-19 secure

If you’re interested in having your non-half hourly meters replaced with a smart meter, you’ll find details below on how to register your interest.

What is a smart meter?

Smart meters can record more information than standard electricity and gas meters. In fact, they can capture and store data about your energy use as frequently as every half hour.

It is the responsibility of your current supplier for each fuel to arrange for the replacement of all Non Half-Hourly meters.

Smart meters also allow us, as your energy supplier, to collect this information directly via a remote connection. This means we’ll no longer need to ask you for regular meter readings (there may be times when we're unable to communicate with the smart meter. If this happens, we may contact you for a meter reading).

The government is overseeing the smart meter rollout and has put rules in place to protect the data collected from your meter.

What do smart meters do?

Having regular readings gives you the knowledge to make changes in your schedule where you could potentially use less energy, help to cut costs and become more energy efficient.  

Remote meter readings will also give you:

  • More accurate bills -

​​​​        only pay for the energy you use.

  • Increased convenience -

        automatic readings means less hassle.

Not just that, but smart meters will also help the grid.

  • Making our energy system smarter:
    The data that smart meters collect helps our energy system understand how much, when and where energy is being used across Great Britain.

  • Reducing waste:
    Smart meters help us to forecast energy demand more efficiently. In fact, the government predicts that the smart meter rollout could save £650m of energy wasted within the system. The system will be able to draw on more local and renewable sources of energy too.

  • Anticipating future energy demands:Demand for electricity in Great Britain is predicted to nearly double by 2050, so it's important that our energy system can cope. Smart meters are integral to Great Britain meeting increased energy demands in the future because they enable a flexible energy system that can use greener sources of energy, balance supply and demand  and ensure security of our energy supply

Just by getting a smart meter, you are helping to upgrade Great Britain's energy system.

Smart and advanced meters

Smart and advanced meters are two meter technologies introduced nationally to help create the national energy infrastructure needed for a low carbon future.

If you are classified as a non-microbusiness, you are able to choose between having an AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) smart meter and a SMETS 2 smart meter.

Interested in having a smart meter installed?

If you’d like to register your interest in having a smart meter, please let us know by raising a query via MyBusiness (selecting ‘Registering your interest in Smart’) and we'll get in touch as soon as we start installing in your area and meter type.