COVID-19 update

We’re working hard to manage the potential impacts of the Coronavirus.
With customers’ safety in mind, we’ve unfortunately had to make the decision to stop booking smart metering appointments and carrying out installations. Our installers will now support customers in emergency situations, with many more volunteering to go further, delivering food and medicine to those who can’t leave their homes. 

If you're interested in having your non-half hourly meters replaced with a smart meter in the future, you'll find details below on how to register your interest.

How long does it take to install a smart meter?

Here's what to expect after you've booked your smart meter installation


We ask you to check that the installer will be able to easily access your meters. Read our tips below to help you prepare for the installation.


Our installer will replace your current meter. It takes about an hour to remove your existing meter and install a smart meter, and your supply will need to be switched off for around 30 minutes


Use our easy energy efficiency tips to help you save on energy, carbon and cost.

How to prepare for your smart meter installation

To ensure everything goes to plan on the day of the installation, please follow these simple steps to get your business ready for the installer's arrival.

A named contact needs to be on site

Please make sure a named contact is on site for the duration of the installation. Your electricity meter takes about an hour to replace and your supply will be off for around 30 minutes.

Are your meters accessible?

Please clear the area around your meter, making sure there's no clutter such as boxes, desks, etc. If your meter is locked in a cupboard or an intake room, please make sure you have a key. Please call us on 0845 366 3664 to reschedule your appointment, if you can't get hold of the key on time. 

What to expect on the day of your smart meter installation

Our installers try to install your new smart meter with as little disruption to you as possible. Here's what will happen on the day:

  • On the day of your appointment, the installer will call you when they’re on their way so you’ll know when to expect them.
  • When our installer arrives at your business, they'll always show you their ID.
  • Before the installation they'll have a look at the area around the meter to make sure it's safe.
  • Your electricity supply will have to be switched off for about 30 minutes.

Smart Metering Installation Code of Practice

We follow a strict, Ofgem-approved code of practice to make sure you receive unbeatable service throughout the whole installation process.

Interested in having a smart meter installed?

If you’d like to register your interest in having a smart meter, please let us know by raising a query via MyBusiness (selecting ‘Registering your interest in Smart’) and we'll get in touch as soon as we start installing in your area and meter type.