What's different about smart meters for your business?

Smart meters for your business, as well as for your home, can record more information than standard electricity meters. In fact, they can capture and store data about your energy use as frequently as every half hour.

Smart meters also allow us, as your energy supplier, to collect this information directly via a remote connection. This means that where we receive meter readings from your smart meter, we’ll no longer need to ask you for regular meter readings.

Key facts about smart meters for your business

Smart meters should be installed in every property in Britain between now and 2024. The government is overseeing the smart meter rollout and has put rules in place to protect the data collected from your meter.

As we would with a traditional meter, we'll hold some of your personal and business details on our systems in order to service your account.

Smart meter data - the choices you can make

If you are classified as a micro business, you can choose how much information you share with us and how regularly we collect remote meter readings from your smart meter. It's worth bearing in mind a few points:

  • The more reads you share with us, the better we can help you understand your usage. We can also recommend tariffs and services that could help you use less energy and save you money.
  • If you don't choose a preference, we’ll collect your data from your smart meter on a half hourly basis. If you are a micro-business we'll also ask you about this when you call to book your installation appointment.
  • If you are classified as a micro-business, you can opt out from half hourly reads. Please let us know your preference when we call you to book your appointment.
  • You can let us know if you change your mind about any of these preferences at any time.