COVID-19 update

We’re working hard to manage the potential impacts of the Coronavirus.

With customers’ safety in mind, we’ve unfortunately had to make the decision to pause the booking of smart meter appointments and carrying out installations at this time. We'll continue to monitor the situation and look at what additional actions we can take to enable us to restart non-critical activity as soon as we think it's safe to do so.

If you’re interested in having your non-half hourly meters replaced with a smart meter in the future, you’ll find details below on how to register your interest.


Safety and data security

Are smart meters safe?

The smart meters we use have been through rigorous testing and exceed every UK and EU safety standard. Public Health England states that “exposures to the radio waves produced by smart meters do not pose a risk to health”.

Is my data secure with smart meters?

Yes. Smart meters capture and store data about your energy use and you can choose whether we retrieve half-hourly, daily or monthly data. Whether we share details about your energy usage with other organisations is entirely up to you. Read the smart meter data guide.

How will be data be used?

The data that we get from smart meters allows us to provide you with more accurate invoices. We’ll also use it to help identify and tell you about products or services that may benefit you and get a better understanding of when our customers use energy.

Your business premises and installation

Will I be eligible for a smart meter?

To be eligible for a smart meter, your supply must meet a range of criteria such as being NHH, Profile Class 1-4. There may also be other technical metering reasons why your meter may not be eligible for replacement at this time.

Do I have to pay for the installation of a smart meter?

You won't have to pay upfront to have a smart meter installed. There will be an increase in the metering charges that are currently applied through your energy bill.

Do I need broadband connection for my smart meter? 

No. Smart meters transmit information on a separate wireless network, as they contain a GSM SIM card to send data via mobile GSM networks. They don't need a broadband connection to be active in your property.

Can I have a smart meter if I trade from a rented property?

Gas & electricity meters belong to the energy supplier and, if the customer pays the bill, they are entitled to ask for a Smart meter.  However, Ofgem recommends they speak to the owner of the property first to ensure they are not in breach of their rental agreement. If the owner of the property pays the energy bills, then they will be the person who decides whether a smart meter is installed.

Who will install my smart meter? 

Our smart meter installers are fully accredited. Our team have received training at a level appropriate to the installation, including from a National Skills Academy for Power accredited provider or equivalent.

Is there any reason why a smart meter may not be installed?

Almost all our smart meter installations go ahead without a hitch. But every now and again we run into a problem which means we can’t fit one. There are various different reasons this could happen – it could be because after carrying out an inspection we found a health and safety problem, or that we need some extra equipment. If for any reason we are unable to install a smart meter at the time of your appointment, we will be in touch with you to explain what has happened and agree what will happen next.


Will I have to provide meter readings when I have a smart meter? 

No. Smart meters collect information remotely, so we’ll no longer need to ask you for meter reads. The more regularly we receive reads, the more specific we can be in helping you to become energy efficient. Rest assured we won’t share your consumption data with anyone. There may be times when we're unable to communicate with the smart meter. If this happens, we may contact you for a meter reading.

Reading your smart electricity meter

Your smart meter will automatically send us readings, but sometimes it can take a little while for your meter to start communicating with us or we're unable to communicate with the smart meter. If this happens, we may contact you for a meter reading.  If we need a reading, refer to the below instructions for your specific meter

Aclara (formerly GE) smart meter (This could be a link to this info)
The screen you’ll need to view your energy usage is the Total Active Import screen. This is the default screen on your new Aclara (formerly GE) smart meter and you should be able to take a reading from this. If you need the screen illuminating press button B – it’s the blue button B to the right of the screen. Once the screen is lit, you’ll need to get back to the Total Active Import screen. You can do this by pressing button B a further four times. If you get lost and can’t find the screen you need, just keep pressing button B until you reach the Total Active Import screen. Make a note of the information on the screen, including the zeros, as this is your meter reading you’ll need to submit if your smart meter isn’t yet communicating with us.


What’s the difference between a smart meter and an AMR meter?

Smart and advanced meters are two meter technologies introduced nationally to help create the national energy infrastructure needed for a low carbon future.
To understand more about the differences between AMR and smart metering read our Guide to AMR & Smart Metering.