Energy Efficiency Tips

Simple measures, significant savings
We know all businesses are different and it can sometimes be difficult to see where you can save energy. That's why we've put together these guides - to give you simple and effective tips that work for you.

Remember, by taking regular meter readings you can keep track of how much energy your business is using. This makes it easier to see when improvements are working and how much you are saving. To submit yours, visit MyAccount

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HeatSmart by EDF Energy is a smart thermostat that lets you control your business heating anytime and from anywhere.

  • Remote control business heating from your smartphone, tablet or PC.
  • Professional installation included in the price
  • No need to change energy supplier or tariff

Energy saving for businesses

We know all businesses are different and it can be difficult to see where you can save energy. See our energy saving page for helpful tips and guides. 

Wind Turbines in Fife

Feed-in tariffs for business

Are you one of the many businesses generating small-scale low carbon electricity on your premises?

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We now supply gas!

We are now offering a flexible gas tariff, which you can sign up to with or without an electricity tariff. 

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About the Climate Change Levy (CCL)

The government introduced the Climate Change Levy (CCL) to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions - a principal cause of climate change. As a tax on the amount of energy you use, CCL is designed to promote energy efficiency and encourage investment in energy saving equipment. We collect CCL, which affects most businesses and public sector bodies paying VAT at the standard rate, from our customers on the government behalf.

Is your supply exempt?

Domestic or charitable non-business use is exempt from CCL. If your organisation is defined as an energy intensive user or a horticulture user, the supply may also qualify for partial exemption.

For more specific information on exemptions, please read our guide, VAT and CCL explained, contact the Environment Agency on 03708 506 506 or visit