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Smart meters help you
take control of your energy

The benefits of smart meters

Smart meters help you keep track of your energy by seeing how much you're using in pounds and pence.

You'll receive accurate bills so you'll only pay for what you've used.


Smart meters are free

Your smart meter is free and will be installed by a qualified member of our Smart Installation Society. 

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Monitor your use

When you have your smart meter installed, you'll be able to use your in-home display to see how much energy you're using.

What happens next?

After you've booked your smart meter installation, here's what to expect

  • We'll confirm all the appointment details in writing and tell you how to prepare for the visit
  • The installer will let you know when they're on their way
  • Installation takes up to one hour per meter
  • Our installer will give you some energy efficiency information
  • You'll also be offered a smart meter display to help you keep an eye on your energy 


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