How do smart meters work?

Smart meters are similar to your current gas and electricity meters. But what’s clever is they automatically send us meter reads, so you should always receive accurate bills. With your smart meter display you’ll be able to see exactly how much energy you’re using and what it costs in pounds and pence. This should help you understand your energy better and take simple steps to use less – saving you money.

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The benefits of smart meters

Take control

See how much energy you use in pounds and pence

End hassle

Your meter automatically send us meter reads

Pay for what you use

Receive accurate bills

How to claim your smart meter

It’s really easy – just log in to MyAccount to see if we’re installing in your area. If we are, simply choose a day and time that suits you. If smart meters aren’t available where you live yet, register your interest and we'll let you know when you're able to book an upgrade. Remember there’s no up-front cost to have one installed.

What to expect once you book your install

  • We'll send you a smart meter welcome pack explaining what will happen on the day 
  • On the day our professional installer will upgrade your meters 
  • They'll also set up your in-home display and show you how to use it
  • After they've been succesfully installed you can start benefitting from your smart meters straight away 
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What does a smart meter look like?

A smart meter looks just like a standard meter but it’s likely to be installed out of sight – probably where your current meters are. The in-home display is slightly bigger than an average smartphone. As you’ll need to see it to track your energy use it’s important to make sure it’s easily accessible. Take a look and see what they can do.

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How do smart meters send data? Are they safe?

Just like mobile phones or TVs, smart meters use their own secure wireless network using radio waves, so they don’t need an internet connection. The ones used in Britain have been through rigorous testing and exceed every UK and EU safety standard. Public Health England sees no risk or dangers to health from smart meters. 

Already have a smart meter?

Great news. We have lots of support to help keep your energy under control. You can check out how to make the most of your smart meter display with our user guides and videos.

Got a question about smart meters?

Not with EDF Energy?

If you'd like a smart meter from us, you'll need to switch your energy first.