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The smart meter UK rollout has started and we’re ready to help you put the control back into your hands. We want to make smart metering simple – so find out everything you need to know about getting smart with us here. We’ll answer your questions, help you book an appointment and let you know what to expect on the day of your installation.

A member of our Smart Installation Society will come to fit your smart meter. They train smart, think smart and work smart to make sure you can get smart. 

It’s easy to book and manage your smart meter appointment online through MyAccount. You can view available dates, choose a time that works best for the Smart Installation Society to visit. You can even change your appointment if you need to.

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How do smart meters help you?


See exactly what you’re using and spending


Only pay for what you use


Automatic readings: no more hassle, no more home visits

Your smart meter guide

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Smart facts, simply explained. Learn how smart meters work and why they’re replacing current meters.

Smart meter benefits

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Installing your smart meter

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Get the most from your smart meter

Smart ways to use your new meter – read our tips and tricks and get in the know about smart.

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