What is a smart meter?

A smart meter replaces your traditional gas or electricity meter. It measures how much energy you’re using, and shows you how much it costs in pounds and pence on your smart meter display.

It also sends us your energy usage information at intervals chosen by you (half-hourly, daily or monthly) so we can send you accurate bills instead of estimated ones.

Smart meter installation at a time that suits you

Good news! You can upgrade at no extra cost. The easiest way to book is via MyAccount. If we're in your area you can choose a convenient time slot and we’ll arrange for a fully-qualified installer to get to you on time. The installation shouldn’t take more than two hours (one hour for each meter).

Smart meters are the future


Smart meters are part of the biggest improvement to our energy industry in generations. By 2050, the UK government aims to reduce the UK's greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80% (source: Department of Energy & Climate Change). THe national roll-out can help achieve this and by 2020 we should all have one installed in our homes. They'll change the way we use energy.

Soon we’ll be offering customers new ways to pay, more and more detailed online usage information, innovative tariffs and ‘connected home’ devices. 

Smart meters give you greater control

Your smart meter display shows exactly how much energy you’re using in pounds and pence. This should help you take steps to use energy more efficiently. Even by switching off the lights in one room, you’ll see your usage on your display go down. Over time, you could be able to make some big energy savings.

Get accurate bills with a smart meter

We'll receive your meter readings automatically, so no more fumbling around in the meter cupboard with a torch. With regular reads we can give you accurate bills instead of estimated ones and you’ll only pay for what you use – just like your phone bill.

Not with EDF Energy yet?


It’s really easy to become an EDF Energy customer. First up, get a personalised energy quote to see how much you could save. For this you’ll need a recent energy bill to hand. We’ll then let your current supplier know you’re leaving and complete the switch (with no interruption to your supply). 

Once you're electricity is live on supply with EDF Energy you can register for smart meters. 

Smart Metering Installation Code of Practice

We follow a strict, Ofgem-approved code of practice to make sure you receive unbeatable service throughout the whole installation process.


Protecting your data


Once installed, your smart meters send us your personal energy information. Rest assured we’ll keep this secure and we won’t share it with anyone.