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So you’re interested in taking part in the trial. That’s wonderful – thank you!  To sign up, just complete and submit the application form below.

More about the trial

The app will let you:

  • View your home’s electricity and gas use in near real-time
  • See how much you’re spending 24/7 
  • Pinpoint ways of saving money – straight away

The app uses the data from your smart meter to show you ways to save energy and money.

Application Form

Terms and Conditions

Before you sign up for the free trial, please read full terms and conditions carefully. You’ll need to agree with our terms and conditions before you submit the form.

Download trial Terms & Conditions PDF (56Kb)

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Next steps

As soon as you submit the form, we’ll update your information to include you in the trial.

What you need to know

Will the app work on my mobile phone?

If your phone is using the below operating systems then the app will work:

  • Android - Marshmallow or higher
  • Apple - iOS 9 or higher

How does the app work?

Your smart meter will collect information about the way you’re using energy and make that information available to the app. Costs are recorded when your home wifi and in-home display are connected. Any loss of wifi connection in the home may cause a discrepancy in the readings on the app compared to your in-home display and bill.

Your app will show data in two modes:

  • In fast mode, the electricity data is shown live with a time lag of between 3 to 15 seconds, this is called a 'near real-time data view'. The gas data is updated every half an hour, if there was no gas activity when the reading was taken, then the display will show that nothing is happening. 
  • In slow mode, you'll be able to see hourly, daily, weekly and monthly data.

How do I get the app?

After your smart meter and in-home display have been installed in your home, we’ll send you an email explaining how to get the app.

When you go to the Google or iTunes app store to download it, please remember to use the same email address that you signed up for the trial with. Then you just log in (you’ll only have to do this once) to check how much electricity and gas you’re using.

Will I have to change tariff?

You will not need to change tariff to take part in the trial, however if you do choose to change tariff during the trial, any changes to your electricity and/or gas will automatically update. The app will only show your EDF Energy Daily Standing Charges historically. 

Will this affect my pricing?

The tariff daily standing charge and tariff unit rates stored on your meter may reflect one of your previous tariffs and differ to the tariff you are being billed upon currently.

The prices shown in the app are indicative to give you an idea of the energy you are using and how much this use is costing and will not directly relate to your bill. This is due to billing periods, your payment method, your mode, frequency of payments and how much you are in credit or debit at any point.

How long is the trial?

The trial will continue for at least 6 months but we will contact you after one month to see how you are getting on and we will keep you informed of any new and exciting features. You can choose to leave the trial at any time for any reason by unplugging the in-home display or disconnecting it from your wifi network or by uninstalling the app.