1 Nov 13

Torness power station team helps Marie Curie Hospice in Edinburgh

A team of staff from EDF Energy’s Torness power station have been helping the Marie Curie Hospice in Edinburgh with some gardening and maintenance work. This is part of a scheme within EDF Energy called ‘Helping Hands’ which allows staff to take two paid days off a year to help out in the local community or for an environmental cause.

Marie Curie is EDF Energy’s chosen charity this year and the hospice in Edinburgh offers specialist care for people with terminal illnesses and support for their families.

The quality management team visited the hospice twice to refurbish a decking area, spruce up garden furniture and paint fencing. Kay Wilson, Quality Assurance Engineer said, “This has given the team the opportunity to come together for a very worthwhile cause. We have managed to make the place a little brighter and we have made a much needed contribution to charity of the year.”

Nichola Summer, Marie Curie Divisional General Manager for Scotland, said, “The gardens in our hospices are so important to our patients, and give them so much joy. We’re so grateful to the team from Torness power station for taking the time to volunteer at the hospice, they have made the garden area that much more enjoyable for both patients and families.”