How we’re helping our customers who are most in need

Here at EDF, we have a range of financial and practical support that's tailored to each of our customers who are having difficulty managing their energy.

1st energy supplier
to set up a dedicated customer support fund, helping more than 52,000 customers since it was launched in 2003

More than £50m
in financial support for customers since the dedicated customer support fund was set up

£20m extra funding
last year to help customers insulate their homes and cut bills, after 40,000 energy efficiency measures installed last year

Partnerships to help our customers manage their energy

More than 8,000 customers received debt assistance

Over £1.4m claimed in benefit entitlement checks by customer households

More than £600,000 of new benefits claimed and energy advice provided to 100,000 customers 

Over 12,000 customers have had new energy efficient measures installed in their homes

Row of houses with external insulation
  • Rebates awarded through the Warm Home Discount scheme
  • We support Pay as You Go customers at risk of self-disconnection by providing discretionary credit and pausing debt repayment plans if they are unable to top up their meter
  • We provide energy-efficient white goods, such as washing machines and fridges, to our most vulnerable customers
  • So far we’ve installed more than 2 million smart meters across the UK to allow customers to monitor their energy consumption and look at ways to reduce it

Together, we will help Britain achieve Net Zero