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How EDF is supporting their customers through the UK's cost of living crisis

Posted April 13, 2022

We understand how difficult this time is for our customers, and we're here to support them by offering more direct financial assistance, as well as insulating more homes, which will help customers bring their energy bills down.

Here we'll give you information on:


What is EDF doing to help customers through the cost of living crisis?

To help struggling households, we’re boosting support for those most in need by more than £15 million as part of a £40 million winter support package. 

  • We’re effectively rolling back standing charges to pre-energy crisis levels for our most vulnerable customers. This financial support will be applied to eligible customers’ accounts as a £30 credit in December 2023.
  • We offer some customers in need a ‘fresh start’ by clearing debt, alongside payment matching customer top-ups for prepayment meter customers. Customers eligible for these schemes will be contacted by EDF.

  • We support customers with the Warm Home Discount Scheme, which gives a one-off payment of £150 to electricity customers who are potentially struggling to pay their energy bills during the cold winter months. 

  • For the next few months, we're offering ten EDF customers the opportunity to win £1,000 off their bill or be credited to their PAYG meter through the Super Saver draw.

  • EDF is the market leader in ECO – a Government energy efficiency scheme set up to tackle fuel poverty and help reduce carbon emissions. Since 2022, we have delivered 30,000 energy efficiency measures in 7,000 homes, saving these customers £6 million on their bills each year. Find out more about energy efficiency.

  • We help customers save around £41 a year with our free Energy Hub platform (you'll need a smart meter first). Energy Hub gives you control over your energy usage.

We're doing more for our customers, but we can’t solve this crisis alone. We need the Government to do more, too. 

EDF is calling for Ofgem and the Government to review its approach to standing charges and other non-energy costs, reviewing where costs could be put into general taxation.

We’re also calling on the Government to introduce a meaningful, Government-funded social tariff for spring 2024.

What is the EDF Customer Support Fund?

Since its launch in 2003, EDF’s Customer Support Fund has provided more than £50 million of support.

The fund helps our customers in two ways:

1. Customers struggling with debt
We can offer help through grants, which will help you become more financially stable and regain control of your finances.

2. Replacing appliances with more energy-efficient ones
If you have an appliance that is broken or in poor working order, we can help you replace it with a more energy-efficient one.

How do I apply? 

Step 1: Register for help from our Priority Services to see how we can support you. 

Step 2: Apply for help from the Customer Support Fund on the Let's Talk website. You'll need to be a customer with EDF and have your account number and current energy debt balances ready, along with details of your household finances and vulnerability. It may be helpful to have your more recent energy bill to hand when you apply. The form will guide you through the process and automatically save, so you won't lose your progress.

Customers accessing this fund will be asked to supply additional information so we can make sure we're helping customers who need this support. 

What other support does EDF offer customers who are struggling? 

We understand that circumstances can change anytime in a customer's life. That's why we set up our Personalised Support service. Using the online tool helps customers access different services, which can give that extra support when it's needed.

We're also teamed up with IncomeMax and Citizens Advice Plymouth to offer extra independent advice and support around debt. Working with Citizens Advice Plymouth has meant that over the past year, our customers were able to claim over £7 million through benefit entitlement checks.

There is government support available to help customers cope with the Cost of Living Crisis

For customers who need more support, the Government is also offering other Cost of Living Payments. These payments are not taxable and will not affect the benefits or tax credits you get.

The Cost of Living Payment: Households on means-tested benefits, including Universal Credit, Pension Credit and Tax Credits, will receive three payments of up to £900 this year. This will be made automatically in three instalments, one in summer and another in autumn. Find out more details on this.

Disability Cost of Living Payment: Individuals on disability benefits will receive a one-off £150 payment from June 2023 to help with extra costs, such as specialist equipment or transport. This is in addition to the other Cost of Living Payments, such as the £301 payment in May and the £300 payment in Autumn. Check to see if you qualify.

Pensioner Cost of Living Payment. In the winter months, pensionable customers can get an extra £150 and £300. This will be paid as an automatic top-up to the Winter Fuel Payment from November. Check to see if you qualify.

The Government has also launched their 'Help for Households' hub, which helps customers find all cost of living support.