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ECO+ scheme to help more customers insulate their homes in 2023

By EDF | Posted December 02, 2022

The proposed extension to the current Energy Company Obligation scheme, ECO+ is set to help thousands more customers improve their homes from early 2023. 

The scheme, due to launch in April 2023, will mean more households will be eligible for insulation improvements with the help of government grants. The changes to the scheme, initially proposed by EDF, have been welcomed across the industry.

Simone Rossi, CEO of EDF said: "Greater energy efficiency will strengthen Britain’s energy independence and reduce household bills permanently, and we welcome government’s action. We are ready to step up our installation rates to help more households benefit from lower bills."

Customers interested in the scheme are able to look at the criteria below to see if they’re eligible for the ECO+ scheme. If you think you qualify and are an EDF customer, you can register your details below. We'll get in touch once the scheme is launched and let you know the next steps so you can benefit from lower bills as quickly as possible.

Who will be eligible for insulation under ECO+ from April 2023?

Under the new ECO+ scheme, there will be two groups with different eligibility criteria. These groups will receive different levels of support. The two groups are:

General eligibility group

  • Must be living in a home that falls within Council Tax bands A-D in England, A-E in Scotland and A-E in Wales. 
  • Your home must have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) of D or below. 
  • If eligible, you may receive a single insulation measure.
  • A contribution may be required towards the cost of the installation. 

The type of insulation measure your house will receive will depend on many factors once your house has been assessed. EDF works with a network of fully accredited installers who will assess your property to determine the appropriate measure.

In most cases, cavity wall or loft insulation will be recommended. These are typically cheaper to install, and the government grant is likely to cover the majority of the cost. More expensive measures, such as solid wall insulation, may need a larger contribution from the customer or landlord if the customer rents.

If you do not have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), you can find information on how to arrange a home assessment in our EPC area.

Low-income eligibility group

  • Must be receiving certain means-tested benefits
  • Your home must have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) of D or below
  • If eligible, you may receive a single insulation measure + possibility of heating controls

The current version of the scheme, ECO4 will be running alongside ECO+. The assessor will decide which scheme is more appropriate for your home.

If you meet the criteria for ECO4, you'll be eligible for a package of measures. This may include certain insulation upgrades, boiler upgrades and smart heating controls to improve your EPC rating to a certain level. To benefit from the scheme, you'll need to have all recommended measures in the package rather than selecting individual ones. This will help keep your home warm and keep your energy bills down.

How will the ECO+ scheme help lower my bills?

Cold air can come in, and lots of heat can escape through lofts, windows and walls. Insulation is one of the best ways to keep heat from escaping, helping you waste less heat and save money on your heating costs.

Here's what the government department responsible said: "The ECO+ scheme will see hundreds of thousands of households receive new insulation, saving them around £310 a year on average (at energy prices consists with the average Energy Price Guarantee unit rates from April 2023)".

If you don't meet the eligibility criteria for either group, then don't worry; you can still pay for insulation to get the many benefits of insulation. Head to our insulation area to find out more. 


When can I sign up for the ECO+ scheme? 

The ECO+ scheme is still being finalised, but things are progressing so that the scheme should open in April 2023. 

The moment it does, we'll let our customers know as soon as possible so they can get their homes insulated. In the meantime, check out our favourite energy-saving tips to help you save money.