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Driving progress for people – a successful and responsible long-term energy business, trusted by customers and powering a thriving society and a healthy environment.

We’ll deliver our mission through our company ambitions – the Better Energy Ambitions. These are our plan for a sustainable business.



To achieve Zero Harm to people

Our aim is Zero Harm to our people and the communities we serve. Our targets include a focus on:

  • Our safety
  • Our well-being
  • Public safety


To be the best and most trusted for customers

We will be the best and most-trusted energy company, known for helping customers. Our targets include a focus on:

  • Customer service and trust
  • Energy efficiency
  • Vulnerable customers

To power society without costing the Earth

To power society without costing the Earth we will lead the decarbonisation of the UK electricity sector whilst achieving an increasingly positive environmental impact across our operations. 
Our targets include a focus on:

  • Carbon intensity of our electricity generation
  • Environmental impact from our operations across land, air and water

To achieve strong financial and ethical performance

We will make strong and trusted financial and ethical performance central to how we do business, providing an essential service in a responsible way. Our targets include a focus on:

  • Strong financial performance
  • Ethical supply chain and business conduct

To deliver safe, secure and responsible nuclear electricity

We will continue to deliver the highest standards of nuclear safety in our existing and new build activity, and help shape long-term solutions to radioactive waste. Our targets include a focus on:

  • Nuclear safety
  • Long-term solutions to radioactive waste


To empower our people to be a force for good

We will inspire and enable our people to perform as a force for good, driving progress at work and across the communities we serve. Our targets include a focus on:

  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Skills (for our people and the next generation)
  • Communities (including volunteering and schools)
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Better Energy Ambitions Report

Our report covers progress on our Better Energy Ambitions which are our plan for a sustainable business.

Awards and achievements

We have a long track record in sustainability and responsible business which has been recognised and endorsed by many different organisations.

Watch video: Our mission: Successful and Responsible Long-term Energy Business

Better Energy Ambitions Film

Watch this short film to see our employees explain how our Mission and Better Energy Ambitions form our plan to be a sustainable business.


We are working hard to be a better kind of energy company. That means we want to be honest about our challenges and about where we can improve what we do or how we operate.


Trust in energy companies remains low

We are playing our part in rebuilding trust in the energy sector. Through the publication of our Better Energy Ambitions Report we hope to demonstrate that we are open, honest and transparent in how we run our business and how we are performing against the targets we have set ourselves.

Our three promises to customers are to deliver fair value, better service and simplicity. These commitments represent our dedication to putting customers first. Throughout 2015, we continued on our journey to treat our customers fairly:

We launched a new Blue + Price Promise tariff for our residential customers. Customers on this deal can compare their tariff with the cheapest tariff on the market using MyAccount or the EDF Energy app.

We’ve listened to customer feedback and understand price transparency is important, so new small business customers can now get a quote online in 60 seconds with our online SME Quote and Buy platform.

Competition Markets Authority

The regulatory framework in which we operate is evolving

In 2016, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) will conclude its in-depth investigation into energy supply market. Since the launch of the investigation in 2014, the company has been cooperating fully with the CMA to find ways to make the market work better.

We welcomed many of the CMA’s provisional findings, including that having generation and supply within one company does not have a detrimental impact on customers. We also welcomed the direction the CMA is taking on customer engagement, provided that the solutions are designed in a way that empowers customers.

EDF Energy continues to work with the CMA as they reach their final conclusions.

Market investment

Carbon pricing

Today’s market conditions are exceptionally challenging and baseload power prices have fallen 20% during the last year.

In the face of these challenging market conditions, belief that two important Government policies will be maintained and strengthened has given EDF Energy the confidence to move the scheduled closure dates of the four stations.  The Carbon Price Floor encourages generation from low carbon sources like nuclear, while the Capacity Market ensures the UK has the power it needs.

Investment in our existing nuclear stations is the cheapest form of secure, reliable, low-carbon electricity for consumers in the UK and their continuing operation supports the country’s path to decarbonisation.

Improving customer satisfaction

Customer complaints

We know that trust in our sector needs to be improved and that growing trust will take time. We have an ambition to become the best and most trusted energy supplier. And we’ll only succeed if we consistently live up to our commitment to deliver fair value and better service, and if we make energy easier for our customers.

So at the beginning of 2015, we outlined our intention to become industry leading when it came to complaints, as part of our plans to make energy easy for our customers. We introduced the Complaints Improvement Programme and set ourselves the challenging target of achieving first place by the end of the year.

Since then, we’ve consistently improved our position. EDF Energy achieved the lowest number of complaints of the 19 largest suppliers in the last quarter of 2015.

This quarterly league table ranks the largest 19 energy suppliers operating in Great Britain based on the number of externally escalated complaints – where a residential customer has chosen to refer their complaint to Citizens Advice or the Energy Ombudsman.

Climate change

The evidence for the human impact on climate change is overwhelming but tackling this is not a simple journey

Last year saw a moment of real global significance: the adoption of the Paris Agreement on climate change at COP21, the 21st United Nations climate change conference. It is the first global agreement on climate change which holds all parties fully accountable [once they have deposited their instruments of ratification, acceptance, approval or accession with the Secretary-General of the United Nations (the Depositary).]. It sets a commitment to limit global temperature rise to 2°C, with further efforts to limit the rise to 1.5°C. Individual commitments made by almost 190 countries show significant ambition. Still, the Agreement is a first step; a beginning, not an end.

There is recognition that business will have to deliver much of the transition, having provided a powerful and constructive voice in support of a strong agreement. This is not a new theme for us. Our focus on CO2 emissions did not start in 2015.  We have been addressing this issue for many years.

We are the largest generator of low-carbon electricity in the UK, and have consistently invested to improve our performance. Our nuclear journey continues with the next generation; our proposed new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point C will run for 60 years, if not more, and will be followed by new stations at Sizewell and Bradwell.

To support understanding and engagement on the issues surrounding climate change, we collaborate with the Met Office and the University of Exeter on Climate & Us.  This website offers information about the challenges and opportunities presented by climate change, with a particular focus on the UK.

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Our approach to sustainability reporting

Our annual Better Energy Ambitions Report outlines the progress we have made so far in delivering a low-carbon future.

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Our sustainability governance

We want to be held accountable for the commitments and targets we’re making. This is central to ensuring we keep our promises and why we report annually with an independent audit of progress.

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Engaging with stakeholders

Understanding the material issues affecting our business, our customers and stakeholders is important for our long-term success as a responsible and sustainable business.

What do you think of our Better Energy Ambitions?

Your feedback on our Better Energy Ambitions is important to us, so please take a moment to tell us your thoughts.

We will use it to improve how and what we report in the future so it works better for the people accessing it.