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Better Energy Ambitions Report

Our report covers progress on our Better Energy Ambitions which are our plan for a sustainable business.

Awards and achievements

We have a long track record in sustainability and responsible business which has been recognised and endorsed by many different organisations.

Watch video: Our mission: Successful and Responsible Long-term Energy Business

Better Energy Ambitions Film

Watch this short film to see our employees explain how our Mission and Better Energy Ambitions form our plan to be a sustainable business.


We are working hard to be a better kind of energy company. That means we want to be honest about our challenges and about where we can improve what we do or how we operate.


Trust in energy companies has fallen

We are playing our part in rebuilding trust in the energy sector. Through the publication of our Better Energy Ambitions Report we hope to demonstrate that we are open, honest and transparent in how we run our business and how we are performing against the targets we have set ourselves.

Our customer commitments are a key part of this and they set out three promises of fair value, better service and simplicity. Our flagship Blue+Price Promise tariffs deliver on this promise. Backed by low carbon nuclear generation, they offer customers an innovative price promise to notify customers if a competitor launches a product that is cheaper by more than £52 per year (or £1 a week). Customers can also switch tariff or supplier without paying an exit fee.

Competition Markets Authority

Ofgem refered the energy industry to the new Competition and Markets Authority

EDF Energy first called for an investigation into the energy market in 2011.  We see the investigation as an opportunity for an independent examination to ensure that the industry acts fairly and in the interests of customers as part of our on-going efforts to rebuild and retain their trust.

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) began the investigation in June 2014 and in February 2015 set out their initial views that it is unlikely that the way the generation and wholesale markets operate is causing harm to customers.  The CMA said that a key focus for their investigation would be that too many customers lack the confidence or motivation to make an active choice of energy tariff. We share the CMA’s concern and have been working hard to make sure our customers feel confident enough to choose the right energy tariff.  We have shared ideas with the CMA on how we and the industry as a whole could go further to engage all customers in enabling them to make informed choices.  We will continue to engage positively and constructively with the CMA as they progress towards publishing their final report by the end of 2015.

Boiler Spine at Hartlepool and Heysham 1

Safety first

During an outage programme and detailed inspection of Heysham 1 Reactor 1 in July 2014, a crack on the boiler spine was detected. As a result, a conservative decision was made to shut down Heysham 1 Reactor 2 and Hartlepool Reactors 1 and 2 that are of similar design to carry out further inspections. Other advanced gas-cooled reactors in the UK have a different and more conventional boiler design without a boiler spine and they are manufactured from different materials. Therefore there is no risk that they could suffer from the same issue.

These detailed inspections revealed no further spine defects and Heysham 1 Reactor 2 and Hartlepool Reactors 1 and 2 were returned to service during November 2014/January 2015 at reduced load to manage boiler temperatures in the affected area. Work continues to return all four reactors to full load.

Improving customer satisfaction

Customer complaints

EDF Energy takes all complaints very seriously. The sector increase of 191% in complaints since 2013 announced by the Ombudsman is disappointing.  However we’re pleased to see that our relative share of complaints decreased substantially during this period. Compared to our market share of customers of around 12% we have seen our share of complaints to the Ombudsman reduce from around 10% in 2013 to 5% in 2014.

However, we recognise that further improvements are required. We are working to eliminate root causes of complaints and achieve the level of service that our customers deserve.

Climate change

The evidence for the human impact on climate change is overwhelming but tackling this is not a simple journey

We actively urge world leaders to negotiate a strong, ambitious UN climate agreement to unlock global investment for a low-carbon transition.  We also support the UK Government in playing a leading role in climate policy and supporting ambitious carbon reduction targets at European Union level.

The UN Framework on Climate Change (UNFCCC) will be holding the 21st Conference of the Parties in 2015, referred to as COP21. World leaders from over 190 countries will be in Paris, 30th November-11th December to reach an agreement to putting the world on a path that limits the increase in global temperatures to 2°C. This will  to avoid the worst impacts of climate change – to achieve this countries will need to move away from fossil fuels and together limit the total global emissions of carbon to 1 trillion tonnes (and we’ve emitted half of this already).

To support understanding and engagement on the issues surrounding climate change, we collaborate with the Met Office and the University of Exeter on Climate & Us.  This website offers information about the challenges and opportunities presented by climate change, with a particular focus on the UK.

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Our approach to sustainability reporting

Our Better Energy Ambitions Report 2014 outlines the progress we have made so far in delivering a low-carbon future.

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Our sustainability governance

We want to be held accountable for the commitments and targets we’re making. This is central to ensuring we keep our promises and why we report annually with an independent audit of progress.

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Engaging with stakeholders

Understanding the material issues affecting our business, our customers and stakeholders is important for our long-term success as a responsible and sustainable business.

What do you think of our Better Energy Ambitions?

Your feedback on our Better Energy Ambitions is important to us, so please take a moment to tell us your thoughts.

We will use it to improve how and what we report in the future so it works better for the people accessing it.