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UK EPR - Generic Design Assessment (GDA)

Introduction to the Safety, Security and Environmental Report (SSER)

The Safety, Security and Environmental Report (SSER) for the proposed UK EPR™ design addresses the requirements of the ONR and EA Generic Design Assessment process. It provides design, safety and environmental information wich has supported the detailed assessment of the UK EPR™ design against UK safety and environmental standards. The SSER, on this website, comprises two main documents: the Pre-Construction Safety Report (PCSR) and the Pre-Construction Environmental Report (PCER)`. A number of supporting documents, provide further information in a number of areas.

Other UK EPR™ GDA Submissions

Design Reference Configuration defines the main technical requirements for the UK EPR™ design and the reference design configuration supporting the GDA submission, including design changes introduced during the GDA process. It also lists items which are outside the scope of GDA.

The UK EPR™ GDA Submission Master List defines the documents underwriting the UK EPR™ design and which are included in the scope of the Generic Design Assessment submission.

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