British businesses need more certainty

Every year, we help British businesses get as much certainty as they can over their energy budget.

This year unpredictable non-energy costs are set to make up about 55% of your bill.

So we interviewed six energy experts and asked them to explain how you can make sure there are no surprises in your energy bills in 2017.

#1 Budget certainty

How can I be more certain about my energy budget in 2017?

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#2 Supplier quotes

What questions should I ask my supplier to be more sure about what's included in my price?

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#3 Energy savings

How can I help to reduce my electricity bill by being smarter about what I use?

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#4 Low carbon

How can I obtain a low carbon electricity supply?(2)

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#5 Volume tolerance

How can I be more sure that I won’t pay a penalty if I use too much or too little electricity?

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Be sure of your energy budget in 2017

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The Certainty Test

Ten questions that help you understand
what's fixed - and what's not

For greater certainty about your budget
it's important to be sure which
elements of your price are fixed.
Here's a checklist to help you do just that!

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