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Flexible contracts keep you in control

Do you need to be in control of when and how much energy you buy? We’ll provide you with the right contract for your circumstances. 

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Take control of your energy

Is flexible energy purchasing right for my business?

Managing risks when purchasing energy needs the right contract and the right tools. Our flexible contract puts you in control – choosing how and when you purchase energy and how much support you need. 

Wondering how you would trade your energy?

Whether you are new to the industry or vastly experienced, EDF can provide a robust, fully auditable and quality assured trading process through our Customer Desk team. 

Customer Desk services  

Why choose a flexible contract?

  • You can choose how far into the future you want to buy energy from 1-3 years, 3-5 years, or 5+ years
  • You can be flexible with your energy usage
  • You can purchase energy in blocks or in full
  • You can fix third party costs or manage costs with variable options
  • You can choose what level of support you want

Bespoke reporting

Service level agreements and risk management

Online monitoring and targeting support is available through EDF’s Energy View

Not sure which contract is right for you?

Fill out our quick form and we’ll be in touch to talk through the best tariff for you. 

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Or call us on 0800 328 9030(1).

Market Insight

Helping you make the right decisions, our Market Insight service gives you access to quality data and expert analysis.

Monitor your energy use live and identify saving opportunities. 

Want to go zero carbon?

Support your environmental targets and combine a flexible contract with zero carbon energy(2)

Find out how Zero Carbon for Business works.

Talk to an expert about your energy

Fill out our quick form and we’ll be in touch to talk through the best tariff for you. 


Looking for a contract that fits your way of budgeting? Simply pick a contract and then add an electricity supply that supports your carbon credentials.

More about fixed price contracts.

Energy sources

From zero carbon and renewable to nuclear and mixed energy – you can choose the energy source that’s right for your business. 

More about energy sources.