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We'll also keep this page regularly updated with the latest guides, webinars and events to help you keep ahead of the game in the energy market. Delivered by experts our interactive briefings will show you ways to save time, reduce costs and make your budget go further. 

Power emergencies

power cut? call 105

To report energy theft (stayenergysafe reporting line): 0800 023 2777 or report online via 

Gas emergencies - call 0800 111 999 (24 hr free emergency line)

See full details page for Electricity Emergencies and Distribution Network Operators (DNOs)


Latest updates

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Monitor Explained Webinar - 12 January 2022

Following on from Power Market, we're talking NEC's. With the release of our latest Monitor edition, our experts took a deeper dive into the report and shared details on how the latest non-energy costs impact businesses..

Billing and Account Management

Understanding your bill

If you are having difficulty understanding any section of your bill use the interactive bill guide to help make things clearer 

Billing and payments

See our Billing & Payments page for more information about Direct Debit, VAT and CCL.

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Metering and connections

New Connections

New Connections

Contact your Distribution Network Operator (DNO) for a new MPAN (13 digit supply point number). If you aren't sure of the contact details, you can find them here.

Complete the New Connections form
Make sure you list your preferred Meter Operator (MOp) and Data Collector (DC) as well as contacting the metering agents to add the new MPAN onto your direct contract. EDF can offer these services via EDF Metering Services.
Email -
We'll work with your preferred agent to register your new MPAN, install your new meter & create an EDF account

Contact details: Tel - 0845 366 3664 option 2 or Email -

Moving in

Moving in (taking over a supply)

Site already supplied by EDFSite not supplied by EDF

Complete the EDF Business Moves Form

We'll close the existing account and open a new account in your company name

Contact details:
Tel - 0845 366 3664 option 3
Email -

Contact the existing Supplier

Find out who the existing Supplier is by calling MPAS on 0345 026 2554

You need to follow their process to put the account into your company name

For either scenario,
You'll need to complete a Site Addition Form (SAF) online

We'll raise a contract for your new site
The contract rates will be applied from the date the Site Addition Form is received

Moving out

Moving out (disposing of a site)

Complete the EDF Business Moves Form

We'll contact the incoming customer to confirm the dates, close the existing account and open a new account in the new company name.

Contact details:
Tel - 0845 366 3664 option 3
Email -

Disconnection services

Disconnection Services

Complete the Termination of Supply Form

We'll work with the Distribution Network Operator (DNO) to arrange for your supply to be disconnected.
We'll close the existing account once we've received confirmation that the supply has been terminated.

Contact details:
Tel - 0845 366 3664 option 2
Email -

Smart and advanced meters

Smart and advanced meters are two meter technologies introduced nationally to help create the national energy infrastructure needed for a low carbon future.

We're now able to offer smart metering to our non-half hourly, profile class 1-4 business customers. But what's the difference between these and AMR meters, and how can I get one?

Net Zero

Want to find out more about our renewable energy sources?

If you’ve got environmental goals your business needs to hit our renewable energy source might be best for you.

Make a positive change to your organisation's sustainability credentials with our renewable options. Report zero carbon emissions from your purchased electricity.

EV car next to wind turbines

Electric Vehicles (EVs)

Are you looking for electric car leasing deals and charging options to meet your business needs? With consultation, feasibility, installation, maintenance and supply, we have everything you need.