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We'll keep this page regularly updated with the latest guides, webinars and events to help you keep ahead of the game in the energy market. Delivered by experts our interactive briefings will show you ways to save time, reduce costs and make your budget go further. 

Targeted Charging Review update

Big changes have been announced to the way businesses are charged for the cost of maintaining the UK electricity network. To help you make sense of them, Peter Cork, one of our industry experts here at EDF Energy, talks through the changes and what they could mean for you.

The Direction of Energy

Angela Hepworth, EDF Energy’s Director of Energy Policy and Regulation, helps you make sense of the big changes in the UK’s energy policy and regulation landscape to help you plot your path to success in 2020.

Biogas and Biomass

Here’s an inspirational partnership between RAF Marham and Future Biogas for generators looking to sell their power without subsidies.

How to prepare for changes to Climate Change Levy

This year two environmental charges that businesses and public sector bodies pay are changing significantly: 

  1. the Climate Change Levy
  2. and the Carbon Reduction Commitment.


MyBusiness walk-through and demonstration

Watch as Service Account Lead Peter Darke walks you through the new features of MyBusiness and answers your questions.

Handy MyBusiness Video Guides

Click on the links below to watch the videos:


Watch as Sam Taylor, a Senior Account Manager at EDF Energy, talks you through different charges on your bill and opportunities to make savings.






Watch our webinars again

Delivered by experts - our interactive webinars will show you ways to save time, reduce costs and make your budget go further. Keep an eye out for our next webinar!

Electricity Market Reform factsheet

Latest guides and cheatsheets

Here you'll find our cheat sheets and guides to build you knowledge of the energy market, how it works and what's happening.

Your troubleshooting guide to accurate bills

Estimated bills, rebills, engineers turning up at your building unannounced. These are the 3 main symptons of a problem with your electricity meter.

Watch as Sam Andrews - Service Account Lead explains why they happen and what we do to get them back on track for you.

Check out our Troubleshooting Guide to see answers to frequently asked questions.

A truly end‑to‑end energy solutions offering

We can help you buy energy better. We can also help you choose the right energy solutions designed to solve your very real business issues. Then we can do the rest too: we can manage, save, secure, co‑design, build, and even maintain those energy solutions for you over the long term.

Energy Solutions

Energy Efficiency


Demand Side Response (DSR)

Organisations who can be flexible with their consumption are rewarded for shifting or reducing demand, or by making capacity available through onsite generation, when needed.

electric vehicle infographic

Your guide to electric vehicles for business

Electric vehicles and fleets make a significant contribution to decarbonising our streets and we are keen to support businesses in making the change to sustainable driving. 

Wind farm

Renewable Energy

Make a positive change to your organisation’s sustainability credentials with EDF Energy’s Renewable Energy.

Metering solutions

Why deal with different meter operators for different sites? It can be so much simpler. Our meter operator contracts can cover all your sub-metering, multi-utility and half-hourly meters under one contract.

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