2 Nov 11

EDF Energy offers free insulation this winter

EDF Energy commits to help consumers manage their energy costs this winter

EDF Energy has today announced that it will offer free loft and cavity wall insulation this winter1 as part of its commitment to provide a fair deal for consumers.

The best way to keep costs down is to be as energy efficient as possible. That is why this winter EDF Energy is offering free insulation to those who do not already have it.


Martin Lawrence, Managing Director, Energy Sourcing and Customer Supply, EDF Energy, said: "Our approach is to provide a fair deal for all customers. That is why based on a national average of regional prices EDF Energy has the lowest standard prices of all the major energy suppliers for a customer with typical consumption. 3

"Installing insulation is a simple step that could help cut household energy bills. Loft insulation can save up to £175 per year, whilst cavity wall insulation can save up to £1352.

"We recognise the need to build trust by being open and honest in delivering a fair deal for customers. So over the coming months, we will write to our customers with a personalised energy plan, with clear and simple steps that we hope they will be able to take to minimise costs this winter.

"These measures include considering whether they are on the best tariff to suit their needs, and taking advantage of discounts available."

EDF Energy has sought to protect its customers from rising wholesale costs by raising its prices last of the major suppliers and by the lowest amount.

Even when its price change is finally implemented later this month, more than three months later than some other major suppliers, based on a national average of regional prices the company will still have the cheapest standard dual fuel prices of the major energy suppliers for a customer with typical consumption3.

In addition EDF Energy has committed to freeze those prices until at least Spring 2012.

For more information please call 0800 015 7785 (freephone) or visit www.edfenergy.com/wintersaving

Notes to editors

Not all properties will be suitable for insulation. You will not be eligible for free insulation if you already have pre-existing cavity wall insulation, loft insulation that’s more than 60mm thick, or if we’re unable to insulate at least two thirds of the total loft surface or wall cavities. If you have a large or non-standard property, or if we need to use specialist systems or equipment to carry out the work then there will be a charge, but you’ll be told about these when the survey is done. Free insulation offer only available for applications made before 31 March 2012. Please note that due to high demand you may experience a delay in insulation installation and to avoid delivery issues this offer will be reviewed if the number of applications made exceeds 200k.

Savings information provided by the Energy Saving Trust. Savings based on a typical three-bedroom semi-detached gas heated house with an annual gas consumption of 18,700 kWh, with an average gas price of 4.49p/kWh and an electricity price of 14.39p/kWh; correct as of September 2011 and valid for 2011-12. Actual savings achieved will vary depending on type, age, main heating fuel of your home or if you choose to take increased warmth following installation of the measures.

This claim is based on a comparison of the national average of EDF Energy’s standard domestic annual dual fuel bill for a customer with typical consumption, with the equivalent national averages of the annual dual fuel bills of the other major energy suppliers: British Gas, E.On, Npower, Scottish & Southern Energy and Scottish Power. Typical consumption is 3,300kWh of electricity and 16,500kWh of gas per year. Based on prices current as at 10th November 2011.