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How can a pay as you go (PAYG) meter help me?

A pay as you go (PAYG) smart meter can help you take control of your energy spend. It can help you manage and reduce the energy you use

  • Your in home display will show you approximately what you’re using in real time
  • You pay for your energy before you use it by adding credit to your meter
  • You only spend what you can afford, but can add to your credit whenever is convenient to you
  • Topping up your credit is easy and can be done online as well as at traditional PayPoint stations

If you have arrears on your account we can also set up an arrangement to collect this via your meter by affordable weekly instalments.

If you’d like to know more about the convenience of a PAYG meter:

Find out about a PAYG meter

If you think a PAYG meter is right for you, the easiest way to see if you can get one yet, and book your installation, is to click on the link below to access MyAccount:

(You'll need to log in or register first) and go to the ‘Smart' section to book a date and time that suit you.

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