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If you're a PAYG customer and are already off supply please contact us on 0333 009 7111

Here's what you can do in the EDF app:


  • Register for or log into your online energy account
  • Use your fingerprint to log in quickly and securely
  • Switch easily between your accounts or properties
  • Check your account balance, bills, payment history, energy use and tariff information
  • Make payments in an instant
  • Receive updates and reminders
  • Get help fast — check our FAQs, or send us a WhatsApp or SMS message

Screenshot of mobile app showing how to see your current balance and make payments
Screenshot of EDF mobile app and how to switch between customer accounts
Screenshot of EDF mobile app showing the FAQ help section

Meter readings

  • Submit your meter readings — or send us a photo of your meter so we can do it for you
  • Get notifications when it's time to submit your meter readings 
  • Use our built-in torch to help you read your meter in the dark

Screenshot showing the meter reading area on the EDF mobile app
Screenshot of mobile phone and how the meter reading alert shows
Screenshot or mobile app to show how to submit reading via the EDF app

Pay As You Go

  • Check your balance and top-up your meter all in one place
  • Get low balance alerts or set auto top-ups — so you need never run out of credit
  • View your top-up history

Screen of mobile app showing a prepayment customer their current balance
Screen of mobile app showing how to set an auto top up for a prepayment meter
Screen of mobile app showing how to receive a low balance alert for a prepayment meter

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Our mobile app is currently available for credit and PAYG customers only. Prepayment customers are currently not supported. For further details, here are the terms and conditions for MyAccount and the EDF mobile app.