Smart home apps to save you time and energy

It’s never been easier to stay in control of your energy, monitor your usage and cut back where you can. Thanks to clever, smart home technology like Amazon Echo, home automation and energy saving apps, you can lower your bills and make life that bit easier with a single tap of your phone… and in some cases without even lifting a finger. So we've rounded up our favourite apps that'll help you save time, money and energy – helping both your home and the planet.

1. EDF Energy Mobile

If you’re an EDF Energy customer, download the EDF Energy app today to get more control over your bills, your energy use and your account. The app offers you an on-the-go and convenient way to see your bills and change your information and preferences. It makes staying in control of your energy and your money easy. It’s available in the App Store and the Play Store.

2. Amazon Alexa

First up is the Alexa app. As soon as you've downloaded the app, interactions with devices are automatically mirrored for you to see on your phone or tablet. You're able to manage your music, bills, alarms and energy all from one handy place.

3. Commute greener

Wish you could change your commute but not sure where to start? Or do you loose motivation one week in? This app helps you change your daily commute patterns. Get ideas on how to make your commute greener, receive ride share ideas, map routes and earn badges and rewards when you do well.

4. Audio count down

With this great, but simple app, you can hear the count down as it ticks away. This is particularly useful if you're doing the washing up or in the shower. You can time yourself to use less water and take less time in the bathroom or kitchen.

5. Battery doctor

Have lots of smart devices? Lose battery at a critical moment? With this handy app you can keep track of all your devices in one place. There are tips for extending battery life and maintenance, accurate power level monitors and estimated time left on devices.

6. HeatSmart®

Forgot to turn the heating off? Or didn't set your timer to warm up the house before you get in? No matter where you are, with HeatSmart® you have control over your home's heating from your tablet or phone. You can also keep track of your energy use and set goals to help cut back where you can.

7. Stringify

This app allows you to connect your smart home, smart devices and smart wearables for total control. Built for the Internet of Things, you can enjoy a unified experience and one place to monitor all your home systems and devices.

8. WeMo

This clever range of plugs turns everything you plug into a socket into a smart device. You use the WeMo app to connect to all your plugs so you can easily turn anything on and off as you like, with your smart phone. Forgot to turn off the lights? Left your hair straighteners on? Not to worry – you can switch them off with your smart phone.

9. JouleBug

If you want to make saving energy fun and less of a chore, this app is for you. JouleBug helps you build green habits and rewards you when you do good. The more green choices you make, the more badges you earn, and you can share your achievements on Facebook to encourage others to do the same. You can also interact with the green community on JouleBug, share stories and get inspiration. Available in the App Store and Play Store.

10. Bla Bla Car

Car sharing or carpooling is big news as people try to reduce carbon emissions. Sharing lifts is often much cheaper and less stressful than commuting, and more fun. With Bla Bla Car, you can book a cheap lift to wherever you need to go in the exact same way as you’d book a train or coach. Bla Bla Car is free and available in the App Store and Play Store.

11. Energy Consumption Analyzer

A great alternative for Android users is the Energy Consumption Analyzer. This app offers a way to monitor your home energy consumption by entering meter readings and getting a graph displaying your progress in kWh. You can also see your progress in pounds and pence.

Smart meters also offer you this same information, but because they know your tariff, you get a very accurate and up-to-date figure of what all your appliances are costing you.

12. Energy Cost Calculator

If you are looking for ways to save energy, but have appliances that you can’t live without, look no further than the Energy Cost Calculator app. This tells iOS users how much an appliance costs to run over a period of time and allows you to see how much you could save if you used it less. You enter the wattage or kWh of the appliance and how much time you use the appliance for. The app then calculates how much that particular appliance will cost you per week, month or even year on average. It’s not 100% accurate, as it doesn’t know your tariff information, but it gives you an idea.

Want to be a smart EDF Energy customer?

Get the EDF Energy app. If you're already a customer, download it today – it makes managing your energy simple. View current and previous bills, control your Direct Debit, submit meter readings and view all your information in one place.

Switch to our smart tariff. Energy+Heating Control is the great price tariff that you also get a free Amazon Echo Dot and Heatsmart® smart thermostat. Find out more on the Energy+Heating Control Tariff.

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