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Infrastructure services

Building or altering a property? Here’s how you can get your new electricity supply connected. 

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Energy services

Doing business more sustainably helps businesses “cut costs, reduce risk and grow,” according the 2degrees Network. So whichever steps you’re taking to use energy more sustainably, we can help. 

Demand Side Response

Earn revenue by becoming a flexible energy user. 

Energy Brokers & Consultants

Want to work with us to help your clients find their ideal energy contract? Our wide selection of contracts can meet the energy buying needs of all shapes and sizes of business. 

Metering solutions

Since April 2014, all commercial properties that use enough electricity to receive monthly bills have been legally required to use Automated Meter Reading (AMR) meters instead of old-style manual meters. 

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Managing your energy risk

Would a change in your energy costs have a big impact on your company’s finances? Need to keep within a set energy budget?