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Supporting British infrastructure on the way to Net Zero

By Laura Backhouse | Posted October 29, 2020

Case study: EDF and Port of Tilbury

At EDF our aim is to help Britain achieve Net Zero by helping businesses achieve Net Zero.

The Port of Tilbury is the largest multimodal port in the South East and third largest port in the UK who do more than simply manage cargo passing through the port; they offer bespoke supply chain solutions for a diverse range of sectors. 

With an estate the size of the Port of Tilbury’s, the closest port to London requires a lot of energy for their day-to-day operations. 

EDF have been supplying them with that energy for over twenty years, and in that time, we’ve really gotten to know each other well. 

The Port of Tilbury recognises the environmental crisis that we face today and are dedicated to minimising their impact on climate change. Their approach is to focus on improving the energy efficiency of their activities and look for opportunities for the generation of renewable energy on their sites. To demonstrate this, they’ve attained an Energy Management Standard that supports their continual improvement to conserve resources and help tackle climate change. Which in turn will help towards Britain’s target to be Net Zero by 2050

EDF are proud to support British infrastructure with zero-carbon technology. The Port of Tilbury are supplied by our zero carbon product, which is electricity supply backed by zero carbon nuclear generation; enabling them to report lower carbon emissions and reducing their market-based emissions to zero. 

And, with our Fixed + Peace of Mind product, Port of Tilbury are guaranteed that their unit price will stay fixed in all but exceptional circumstances, no matter how much electricity they use. 

Not only are Port of Tilbury making steps towards a Net Zero future with their energy supply, but they’re signed up to our online resource, Market Insight, so they can track the energy market for a clear view of what’s going on in the industry and to gain a good grasp of their budget and energy costs. With the analysis and reporting available on the platform, they use this knowledge to secure long-term energy contracts so that their prices and budget remain consistent, or they even make a saving.

And, when there are changes to non-energy costs or industry regulations, Port of Tilbury’s dedicated Account Manager is on hand at EDF to talk these through and provide a better understanding of what this could mean to the cost of their energy. 

With EDF’s support, Port of Tilbury are on their way to a Net Zero future.


“I’ve worked with EDF for over ten years and have built a very good, trusting relationship. Our Account Manager is always transparent in terms of highlighting changes to energy and non-energy costs; and the Peace of Mind fixed product allows us to plan and budget with certainty.”
Andy Darlington, Senior Procurement and Facilities Manager at Port of Tilbury


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