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Delivering long-term price certainty across seven UK solar sites

By Talk Power Team | Posted December 05, 2022

Solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) with long-term price certainty have been increasingly popular recently, as asset owners want the assurance of the price they are receiving for their renewable energy over extended periods in the current economic climate. Luxcara, one of the most experienced clean infrastructure asset managers in Europe, is no exception in this regard.

The Hamburg-based asset manager has been contributing to the energy transition for more than a decade by acquiring, structuring, financing and managing renewable energy portfolios for institutional investors. They were looking for long-term price certainty in a PPA for their UK solar portfolio. EDF were able to fulfil all of Luxcara’s requirements on this solar PPA, offering price certainty long into the future and going the extra mile in terms of customer service.


Luxcara solar site

The challenge

Luxcara offers institutional investors equity and debt investment opportunities in the international renewable energy market. Their portfolio includes renewable power sites across Europe with a total capacity of approx. 5GW.

Luxcara wanted a partner to offtake approx. 55GWh of solar energy from their UK solar sites. These solar sites provide approximately 17,000 homes with renewable energy across the UK. It was vital to Luxcara to work with a reputable and credit worthy UK offtaker that could provide a dedicated service, as well as offering long term price certainty.


The result

EDF were well placed to help Luxcara, given we purchase the most renewable electricity of any offtaker in Great Britain, through both equity-owned generation and capacity under PPA contracts.*

One of EDF’s expert PPA originators worked with Luxcara to identify the best PPA product for their renewable solar assets, ensuring it met all of their key criteria.

The Certainty PPA was chosen as this enables most price certainty over an extended period, meaning Luxcara are not exposed to wholesale market fluctuations. Another important requirement for Luxcara was a dedicated service, which EDF offers through our PPA contract management team, who ensure a smooth onboarding process and deliver continued support for the contract duration.


Tom Abbott, Head of PPA at EDF, said:

“We are experts in solar PPAs of all sizes, including multiple and co-located renewable sites, and we are delighted that Luxcara are working with us on a solar PPA across their seven UK locations.

Our PPA originators and contract management team are highly skilled in the renewable energy market and we look forward to working with Luxcara over the coming years. By working with more solar asset managers and developers and offtaking the renewable energy from both existing and new sites, we are helping Britain to achieve net zero.”


Natalie Lau, Senior Project Manager at Luxcara, said:

“We were one of the first asset managers to concentrate on PPAs instead of relying on the former subsidized regime. With EDF, we have found a reliable and dedicated offtaker for our clean energy produced in the solar farms of our UK portfolio.”


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*Cornwall Insight August 22