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Net Zero microlessons

The UK has made a commitment to reach Net Zero by 2050, but what is Net Zero and why is it so important?

We've created some short and snappy clips for Net Zero Week that will explain just that, and how we can all help reach this target.

What is climate change?

The causes of climate change

The impacts of climate change?

The just transition

Agreeing Net Zero

Helping Britain Achieve Net Zero

Our sustainable business roadmap

What are EDF employees doing?

What is Net Zero?

The UK has made a commitment to reach Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, but what is Net Zero?

Find out what Net Zero means and take our quiz to test your knowledge.

How green is your birthday?

Where does your birthday rank in the UK’s greenest days of 2020?

Find out how much energy was generated from zero carbon sources like wind, nuclear and solar on your birthday and share your result with friends and family to find out who has the greenest birthday!

We’re building new power stations that will help meet Britain’s future electricity demand and investing in low carbon technologies to accelerate the UK's shift to a
Net Zero future

Helping meet Britain’s future electricity demand for the next 60 years

As we phase out fossil fuels, we’ll need more power from clean sources like nuclear, so right now, we’re building new power stations – good news for the jobs market and the race to Net Zero.

Together we can live, work and grow sustainably and responsibly

We can help our customers, our colleagues and our communities live and work more sustainably. Every day. Because together we can reduce the UK’s carbon emissions to nothing.

A £50 billion low carbon programme to help Britain achieve Net Zero

With the right policies in place, we plan to enable investment in low carbon technologies in the UK worth over £50bn by 2035. This amounts to 12GW of wind, solar and nuclear power – meeting one fifth of UK demand.