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Getting fit, flexible and staying in shape- how DSR can benefit energy intensive industries

By Miranda Murphy-Merrydew | Posted January 15, 2019

The future of energy and facilities management is changing and will increasingly involve the use of digitalised systems, enabling improved energy efficiency through more accurate monitoring.

As one of the most energy-intensive industries, energy and facilities managers in the manufacturing industry are constantly testing innovative technologies and strategies to reduce both their energy bills and carbon footprint.

Demand Side Response (DSR)  is an excellent example of how manufacturers looking to be smarter with their energy usage are already achieving this; we expect this to become an even greater trend in the coming year, especially as government policy continues to incentivise businesses to become greener. DSR also enables the integration of more renewable plants into the energy supply, bringing back stability to the grid.

For manufacturers who are in a position to be flexible with their energy consumption, DSR creates an excellent opportunity for them to earn revenue whilst supporting the National Grid in times of peak demand.

One of the simplest ways manufacturers can achieve this is by shifting or reducing their energy consumption at times when demand is at risk of being higher than supply available on the Grid. Any industrial process which can be interrupted or adjusted – paused until the surge has passed and energy prices have lowered again – offer revenue-generating opportunities for manufacturers.

But what about my operations?
In our experience of working with several large manufacturers we have found that their biggest fears around DSR is that operations will be disrupted, and that heavy investment in battery or other technology will be needed in order to get started.

The reality is there is usually a lot of latent capacity in existing assets that can be monetised with no disruption to operations. Backup generators, for example, hold capacity that manufacturers can often monetise with the help of an energy aggregator, who provide access to the energy markets through offerings like our PowerShift platform. Flexibility platforms that enable users to control, trade and optimise their assets are now making it easier than ever to generate extra revenue through DSR.

Work with what you’ve got- and get rewarded
We expect that in 2019, increased opportunities for generating energy on site, and the pressure to reduce carbon footprints, will lead to a greater uptake of DSR among manufacturers. This will ultimately help them reap both the financial and environmental benefits of energy efficiency.

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