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Take control of your energy with PowerShift

PowerShift is our energy flexibility, optimisation and trading platform that helps you turn your business’ energy into a valuable asset.

The energy landscape is changing. There is a clear drive from governments, businesses and individuals to reduce energy consumption and lower our collective carbon footprint. Many options are emerging from the simple to the complex, to help businesses manage their energy better.

As you work to manage and reduce your overheads, and improve profitability, now you can look at energy in genuinely new ways to help you realise your goals. One of today’s greatest opportunities to save, make money and meet your low carbon targets comes from being flexible in how and when you consume energy, not simply by using less overall.The National Grid needs customers to flex demand, and for businesses to implement onsite generation and battery storage, to help balance the network and keep it stable.

It's a major change. We call it PowerShift from EDF Energy.

How will PowerShift benefit my business?

Access quick wins and plan future strategies with PowerShift.

  • Get paid or make savings from your flexibility.
  • Get direct access to all the Demand Side Response schemes, markets and rewards available to save and make money.
  • Generate new revenue streams from your assets.
  • Our experts will take care of regulatory, financial incentives and technical requirements.

The ultimate flexibility platform

Flexibility is key for businesses to support grid renewal. So, get rewarded and become part of a long-term shared ecosystem – there will be no impact on your hardware or operations.

Once up and running the PowerShift platform gives you as much control or support as your business needs.

EDF Energy's PowerShift asset map.

Take advantage of flexibility with PowerShift

  • Access real-time demand and price data.
  • Get paid for being on standby.
  • Get paid when a power down or consumption shift occurs and monetise your assets.
  • Energy generators can make time-sensitive decisions to either consume or sell back to the grid using real-time pricing.
  • Battery-stored energy can be held, consumed or sold, fully informed by supply and demand information from every available market source.
  • Generate new revenue streams with your onsite assets.
  • Reduce your energy costs through peak-time avoidance.

Monetising your existing and flexible energy in seven steps.

Here's how it works:

  1. Account review. We review your current energy usage.

  2. Assessment. We review your ability to flex with equipment capabilities, business processes and income requirements.

  3. Design. We design a service for you.

  4. Contract. Our contracts dovetail with your energy supply contract or power purchase agreement (PPA), so you don’t gain on one while losing on another.

  5. Installation. We may need to install equipment depending on your contract.

  6. Delivery. We may automatically control your equipment or we may send you messages to turn up or down.

  7. Payment. We can take flexibility payments off your supply bill (reducing your energy costs) or pay you separately.

Get in touch today

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