Appetite for disruption at EMEX 2018

The theme from this year’s EMEX? Innovation: from the insight we gained from businesses attending, demand for innovation is huge and energy solutions will be key to maintaining competitive edge in challenging times.

EMEX was held in a week that saw two small suppliers, Spark and Extra Energy cease trading as energy prices and ‘tough trading conditions’ as well as the the limbo of Brexit negotiations contribute to ongoing economic and political uncertainty.
This is alongside the tough climate challenges we are facing ahead of 2050, as well as raw materials becoming scarcer. However, as the saying goes, when the going gets tough, the tough get going and EMEX certainly showed a positive outlook for the energy sector, with stands and seminars focused on innovation in energy solutions, as organisations are increasingly looking beyond their supply contract to manage their energy more effectively and lower their carbon. 

What’s your one change for 2019?

We asked our attendees to pledge the one change they can make to their energy management in the coming year.  

The most popular pledges were focused around energy solutions and innovation:

Solar PV - Solar was a popular choice. Wendi Wheeler from National Rail pledged to scope out putting solar PV on the roof of all National Rail carparks which could then be fed back to the network.

Efficiency -  Here the over-riding pledges were to ‘Use less, measure more.’ You can find out more about our efficiency monitoring solutions, PowerNow, to monitor your use across all of your sites which can help you use less and identify areas for cost-saving.

Flexibility - There was a wide range of pledges ranging from the small scale – ‘install a 7 kW battery’ to the large- ‘Electrify my fleet’ or ‘Install CHP’ for example. Many people we spoke to are just starting out on scoping their flexibility potential. View our handy film here to see how being flexible can benefit your business

Lowering Carbon – Here, many attendees had both professional and personal pledges for lowering their carbon. And this is encouraging as staff behaviour change is vital to our clean energy transitions. It is not just about organisations putting energy solutions in place, it’s about staff championing them and understanding their value. Simple steps like turning the lights off all contribute to eliminating waste and pollution.

The purpose of the pledge wall was to show how easy making the one change can be. Talk to us today about how energy solutions can enhance your business and lower your bills. Visit:


Joining the debate

We gave three talks, all focused around the work we are doing with customers to harness the power of energy solutions.

Vincent de Rul had the opening slot in the Knowledge, Skills and Experience Theatre and spoke about how energy solutions can unlock business’s circular economy potential. As energy powers the transition to a low carbon economy, we want tomorrow’s customer to live in a circular world where every unit of energy is used and reused as productively as possible through innovative energy solutions. Vincent spoke about our project with Nissan to support the adoption of electric vehicles (EV’s) and energy generation and storage vehicles as an example of businesses taking a sustainable and profitable approach to business energy.

Chris Regan spoke in the Flexible Power Zone theatre on how our flexibility platform PowerShift is helping public sector, retail and travel customers to drive positive financial and environmental benefits from managing their existing assets. He presented EDF Energy’s vision for a decentralised, flexible, low carbon, connected future, where energy can be monetised, stored and traded.
He concluded with a final thought for attendees to take away: update your energy strategy, innovate to advance - collaborate with experts to take your next step.

Last but not least, Adam Clarke talked about the ways businesses can meet their renewable supply targets through PPA’s.

The common thing amongst all three talks was that uncertain times call for new ways of thinking about, and doing, business. As the event demonstrated; for some, the journey is paying off already.

Find out how to make your ‘one change’ today.

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