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Talking Power Podcast: Corporate Power Purchase Agreements

By Talk Power Team | Posted February 29, 2024

Talking Power is a podcast series that discusses the future of energy and decarbonization, specifically within the context of UK businesses. Presented by Tim McManan-Smith from The Energyst, and accompanied by EDF experts, the series delves into a variety of topics, including strategies for achieving net zero, the increasing prominence of corporate Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and prospects for the UK's energy landscape.

The guests on this episode are EDF Business Solutions’ Raghav Singh, Head of Large Business and Tom Abbott, Head of PPA.

Raghav oversees sales, service and Net Zero solutions for our largest public and private sector customers, while Tom leads the PPA team, whose purpose is to buy renewable power from generators across Great Britain. One of the key contract types Tom and Raghav work on is corporate PPAs.

In this episode, Raghav and Tom discuss what a corporate PPA is, how EDF manages the end-to-end process and the role that corporate PPAs play in Britain achieving Net Zero.

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