Your business can get the circular edge through energy solutions

There’s a growing movement of businesses that are taking their share of what the World Economic Forum estimates to be a trillion dollar opportunity: the circular economy.

How? They’re giving their businesses the ‘circular edge’, by switching from a take-use-waste model to a repair-reuse-recover one.

And they’re starting with the energy they use.

EDF Energy’s latest white paper, Get the Circular Edge through Energy Solutions, shows you how your business can join this movement, by making just one change at a time to the energy it uses.

The end of the line
First, we take a good hard look at the pressures which have thrown into question the linear economic model our businesses have relied on for too long to drive profit and growth.

The rise and rise of circular
Next, we tell the story of how the circular economy is replacing it, introducing the concept of circular thinking and how it can inspire us to reinvent our businesses from the inside out.

New models
We explore five new circular business models that turn waste into profit-generating opportunities, from Product as a Service to Sharing Platforms.

Real business case studies
To demonstrate the models in action, we look at how real companies are already using them, adopting latest technologies and gaining new capabilities to reshape the way they drive growth.

Energy for a start
Then we get practical. We explain how you can start your transition towards a circular model by applying circular thinking to how you purchase, use or generate energy. After all, small, achievable changes to how you power your business flow through your entire value chain and, in turn, create multiple opportunities to bring resource, cost and carbon efficiency to every stage.

Action-ready energy solutions
We introduce you to EDF Energy’s suite of energy solutions, each one a real solution to a very real business challenge. Among them are ways to get more insight into how your business is using energy and how you can boost its efficiency (read about PowerReport and PowerNow); ways to flex how you use assets, like machinery and computers, to save on energy consumption and earn a little extra revenue (read about Demand Side Response and PowerShift); and ways to generate your business’ own renewable energy, store it to use later or  sell it back to the grid (read about how we’re trialling blockchain, vehicle-to-grid technology and battery storage in our Blue Lab innovation hub).

One change at a time
Of course, we understand the challenges of running, growing and changing your business at the same time. So, importantly, we share the lesson we’ve learnt at EDF Energy as we take our own journey towards a circular business model: effective transformation is best made one change at a time.

So, what change will you make first?
We make answering that easier by sharing with you our proprietary decisioning tool, the Energy Solutions Wheel. It simplifies all the energy solutions available into six things we can do differently to take a more sustainable approach to your business’ energy: save, manage, secure, design, build and maintain.

Start as you mean to go on
And of course, because EDF Energy has end-to-end energy solutions capabilities, technology and expertise, we can be your end-to-end energy partner. Which means we can do more than help you make your decision, we can make it happen and make it work for your business too.

Real returns, real easy
As Vincent de Rul, Director of Energy Solutions at EDF Energy, said at the launch of the white paper, “20% of the UK economy has already gone circular. Businesses on the front foot are already beginning to see real returns. Yours can too – with EDF Energy as your partner, you can start today, from where you are, with what you’ve got, using what you know.”

The first change: download our white paper, Get the Circular Edge through Energy Solutions.

To talk to Vincent de Rul, or one of the consultants in his team, email us.

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