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All it takes to start to unlock your business’ circular potential is one change to your energy

By Talk Power Team | Posted November 01, 2018

Did you know that one fifth of the UK’s economy has already gone circular?

By putting circular thinking into action, a growing movement of businesses are switching from a take-make-waste model to a repair-reuse-recover one.

Starting with the energy that powers their businesses, they’re re reshaping the way they drive growth.

In our latest white paper, Get the Circular Edge through Energy Solutions, we reveal how you, too, can profit from the circular economy by making just one change to your energy today.

It’s a no brainer
The circular economy has been described by the World Economic Forum as a one trillion dollar opportunity. It offers companies of all sizes a chance to differentiate, to fill emerging market gaps, to rethink the way they create value, and to identify new sources of it.

So why wouldn’t you want a piece of it?

“The circular economy is … an innovation engine that    puts the ‘re’ into resources. This is the largest business opportunity ever seen. Why would we want to miss that?”

William McDonough, Consulting Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Stanford University,

Here’s the ‘but’
It’s an exciting vision. But as our white paper acknowledges, and you know only too well: you have business-as-usual to get on with. You have operational problems to resolve. You have new plans to execute. And you have quarterly targets to chase, every day.

So, while you and your leadership team may commit strategically to adopting a circular business model, you’ll also know only too well how tough it can be to manage growth and change at the same time.

Start with energy
That’s why our white paper explains it’s best to think of ‘going circular’ less like a one-off action, and more like a series of changes on a journey. And that’s also why it’s best to start that journey with the resource that powers your whole business: energy. Every change you make in your energy will flow through your entire value chain, creating multiple opportunities to bring greater resource, cost and carbon efficiency to every stage of the product’s multiple lifecycles.

“Uncertain times call for new ways of thinking about, and doing, business. And energy’s a good place to start. We know – because we’re already benefitting from applying our own energy solutions to our own business. So join us. Together, let’s make progress on the journey towards sustainable profit and profitable sustainability.”

Vincent de Rul, Director of Energy Solutions, EDF Energy


One change, one success
Making one change to your energy is easier to business case. One change makes it easier to get stakeholders to listen. One change offers more certainty in decisioning. One change means less hassle and more speed in implementation. One change is easier to measure and prove the success of. And one change makes the next change that much simpler on your journey towards powering a circular value chain.

What change will you make today?
Because each business is different, and each business is at a different point in their energy journey, our white paper maps out a suite of ten changes your business could make next.

Here are just three examples:

Then leave it to us
What our customers find even more reassuring is that EDF Energy has end-to-end energy solutions capabilities, technology and expertise, which means we’re your end-to-end energy partner. So, we do more than help you make your decision, we can make it happen and we make it work for your business over the long term.

Your first change: download our white paper, Get the Circular Edge through Energy Solutions.

To talk to Vincent de Rul, or one of the consultants in his team, email us.