What do the energy price caps mean for you?

Ofgem, the energy regulator, introduced energy price caps in order to set a limit on the amount you can be charged for each unit of gas and electricity, and standing charge. The energy price caps limit the amount you pay per unit of electricity and gas, and standing charges, not the amount of energy you use. Your total bill will still vary depending on how much energy you use. While your energy usage can change, you’ll never be charged more than the energy price cap. The energy price caps are reviewed every six months (effective April and October) and prices can go up or down. We will notify you in advance of any increases to your prices.

More information on how the caps are calculated is available on Ofgem's website

Is everyone covered by the energy price caps?

No, only customers on Standard (Variable) tariffs, Safeguard tariffs or who have a prepayment meter. If you're on a fixed tariff and you don’t move to another fixed tariff at the end of your term, you’ll automatically move to our Standard (Variable) tariff, which is capped.

How am I affected by the price cap announced by Ofgem on 7 February 2019, effective 1 April 2019?

For a typical household using both electricity and gas and paying by Direct Debit, the price cap will increase from £1,136 to £1,254.

For customers who pay by cash or cheque, the cap will increase from £1,221 to £1,344 for a typical dual fuel household, reflecting the fact that it costs more to service customers who pay in this way. And for typical households with prepayment meters, the price cap will increase from £1,136 to £1,242. You'll receive a letter or email from us in the next few weeks which will detail your new prices and how this will affect your yearly costs. How will the energy price caps affect my bills?

How can I avoid price increases?

We have a range of fixed tariffs available, where your unit prices and standing charges do not change and are not affected by the price caps. You can view all of our available tariffs and carry out a quick quote to see if there's a better tariff for you, such as our online-only tariff Easy Online, our online-only tariff.