Warm Home Discount – We're now closed to new applications

We’re sorry, we’re no longer accepting applications for the 2015/16 Warm Home Discount – Support Plus rebate scheme.

If you’ve already successfully applied and qualified, you’ll receive your £140 rebate by 31 March 2016, provided you haven’t changed your electricity supplier.

Extra help and support

There may be other ways we can help through our Personalised Support Service. You could qualify for a free boiler upgrade or get advice on how to save energy. You can even find out whether you’re entitled to any extra government benefits. To see what you qualify for, check out our online tool. Remember to have your account number handy.

a roof clad with red tiles

ECO Scheme

Free improvements for your home, including loft and cavity wall insulation and a replacement gas boiler - if you meet certain eligibility criteria.

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Energy saving tips

There are lots of ways to use energy more efficiently at home. Most cost nothing, some cost a little, but together they could save the amount of energy you use.