The Warm Home Discount is a rebate that's given out once a year to eligible customers who need extra support to pay their energy bills. 

There are two types of Warm Home Discount:

1. Warm Home Discount Core Group

If you're in receipt of the Guaranteed Credit element of Pension Credit, then you should automatically receive the Warm Home Discount each year. The Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) will write to you to let you know if you're eligible.

2. Warm Home Discount - Support Plus

This is for customers who don't qualify for the Core group but are in receipt of certain benefits. The criteria for the 2020/21 scheme will be available once the scheme is open. 

We are busy preparing for the launch of the 2020/21 scheme which will be opening later this year. If you'd like to leave your details on the form below once the new scheme is open we'll get back in contact with you to let you know.

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