What's the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)?

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is a scheme set up by the government to financially support households who install renewable heating systems such as heat pumps. If you're eligible you could receive quarterly payments over seven years, to assist in reimbursing some of the costs. The scheme is available for all households. Households without mains gas have the potential to save on their fuel bills. If your home heating system is still reliant on expensive fuel sources such as oil or LPG over time these renewable heating systems can be more cost-effective. 


Which renewable heating systems are eligible for this scheme?

If you already have one of the systems below or are thinking of installing one, you may qualify.

  • Biomass (wood fuelled) boilers
  • Biomass pellet stoves with integrated boilers providing space heating
  • Ground to water heat pumps
  • Air to water heat pumps
  • Solar thermal panels (flat plate or evacuated tube only) providing hot water for your home.

More information can be found on the Ofgem website. Ofgem will also publish any updates to the scheme.


Offering you a renewable heating system

We want to offer our customers low-carbon heating solutions that work with their current heating system. We've created a package that combines a low-carbon hybrid heat pump with smart heating controls called Future Heat. We've been working with our partners PassivSystems who've run successful projects to introduce more efficient heating systems into UK homes.  

EDF Energy is participating in a scheme called the Assignment of Rights. This means that we can help homeowners cover the initial cost of installing a hybrid heat pump minus the one-off charge of £99 (incl VAT).

Once you're a Future Heat customer you'll need to apply for the RHI via Ofgem .They'll ask for your EPC and your Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) number which we'll provide once your new system has been installed.

What will you need to do once your system's installed?

  • Go to Ofgem and apply for the RHI, assigning the payments to us within 14 days of installation
  • Apply for the MMSP scheme
  • Submit quarterly meter readings to Ofgem
  • Submit an annual declaration to Ofgem
  • Maintain the renewable heating system and ongoing RHI obligations

Even more support for customers through the Metering and Monitoring Service Package (MMSP)

Once you’re set up on the RHI, you’re are also able to request more financial support by applying for MMSP worth £1,610 once approved. The Future Heat system is MMSP ready which means you can monitor your new system's performance through the PassivLiving portal and installed meters.

If you use oil or LPG heating solutions, it's easier to switch to a low-carbon heating system with Future Heat. See if you’re eligible for a free no obligation survey.

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