EDF Energy has reduced its gas prices for Standard Variable customers. This means our Dual Fuel prices will be, on average, cheaper than Scottish Power and Npower(1)

We remain committed to providing value for our customers, and that’s why we are announcing a Standard Variable gas price reduction of, on average, 5%(2) effective 24 March 2016.

EDF Energy’s average Standard Variable gas Direct Debit price decrease from £597 to £566 a year at typical consumption and our average Standard Variable Dual Fuel Direct Debit prices decrease from £1,100 to £1,069(3).

Around 900,000 of our customers will benefit from this Standard Variable gas price reduction. Credit and Direct Debit customers will benefit automatically. Pre-Pay customers using a key card for their energy will need to top up their card from 16 March onwards for the new prices to take effect on their meter from 24 March.

Is our decrease in line with other suppliers who've already announced a decrease?

 Post Change PricesEffective date

Dual Fuel Direct Debit

Standard Electricity Direct Debit

Standard Gas Direct Debit

EDF Energy


24th March 2016
British Gas £1,044£490£56916th March 2016


1st February 2016


29th March 2016


28th March 2016
Scottish Power


15th March 2016

All prices in the table above calculated on a standard metered dual fuel customer paying by direct debit and receiving paper bills, averaged across all regions using Ofgem typical consumption. Post implementation bill values shown are based on actual prices, if known, or indicative prices from the supplier’s press release that accompanied their price change.

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How can I check I'm on the best tariff?


  • Many fixed price tariffs in the market currently offer lower prices than Standard Variable, and it’s easy to switch
  • Some of them, such as our Blue+Price Promise, also come with no early exit fees
  • We actively promote all our tariffs to our customers and currently have one of the highest proportion of customers on a fixed price tariff out of all major suppliers(4)
New blue plus price promise logoNew blue plus price promise logo

Our cheapest fixed tariff

  • Low fixed price
  • A unique promise
  • No exit fees
Blue+Price Freeeeze

Our longest fixed term tariff

  • Fix your energy prices for longer
  • Electricity backed by low carbon(5)
  • No exit fees
Blue+Fixed Prepay

Our fixed price prepay tariff

  • No price rises guaranteed until at least 28 February 2018
  • Electricity backed by low carbon(5)
  • No exit fees

We provide extra help and support to vulnerable customers who find it harder to engage in the energy market.

EDF Energy’s Personalised Support Service is a bespoke tool for vulnerable customers, helping them to choose the best tariff and payment method for their needs. It also provides debt advice, access to a Trust Fund, Benefits Entitlement Checks, and other specialised services to help those who need it most.