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Collection of best electric cars on the market

10 best electric cars for your needs 2021

By Marta Moses | Posted February 07, 2020

Here’s our round-up of the ten best electric cars in 2021 to suit your needs, including small cars, family, luxury and runaround. We've reviewed price, range and technology, as well as how enjoyable they are to drive.

Our mileage estimates take into account real-world driving, giving you a more realistic estimate of the electric car's range on a single charge. 

1. Best all-round electric car - Kia e-Niro


Kia Niro electric car

What Car? named the Kia e-Niro as their Car of the Year 2020 and we happen to agree. A stylish, pure electric SUV at a price comparable to petrol or diesel equivalents, it really is one of the best electric cars around. For us, it's the combination of the range and price that places this at number one of the best electric cars available right now. 

This car combines everything we love about electric cars. It's a powerful drive offering great traction and acceleration. There're bags of features including all the safety elements you could hope for including smart cruise control, forward collision-avoidance assist and lane following assist. Being an SUV, space is also plentiful so it’s also a great electric for a family.

The drawbacks? The only negative we can say about this model is that it lacks a bit of style that some of the later models down our list can offer. 

Kia has also seen unprecedented levels of interest since the e-Niro’s launch and has been as popular as ever throughout 2020. 

  • Approximate miles: 235 miles
  • Cost: From £29,895
  • Available: Now

2. Best electric car for range - Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 electric car

A league table of the best electric cars would not be complete without mentioning the Tesla Model 3. Tesla’s more affordable electric car still comes with many of the futuristic stylings that we’ve come to expect of the manufacturer but without the high price tag. It’s the first of three luxury electric cars on our list, but surprisingly the Model 3 comes in cheaper than the Jaguar and Audi models.

All the Tesla models are head-turners, and the Model 3 is no exception. A luxury executive car, it’s also great to drive and comes packed full with the latest technology, including autopilot drive assist. 

The car comes with two options: the standard, rear-wheel drive and a dual-motor version which offers an increased mile range. Whichever model you choose, Tesla is known for offering electric cars with the best range. 

Like many of the other cars on this list, there is a long waiting list.

  • Approximate miles: 265 - 360 (WLTP)
  • Cost: From £40,490
  • Available: Now

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3. Best small electric car - MINI Electric

Mini Cooper Electric car

The iconic MINI has gone electric. And MINI lovers will not be disappointed with its design as it features many of the stylings of the old MIN, including a wonderful high-spec digital dashboard and MINI navigation system and a choice of three style packs. It will undoubtedly be one of the best small electric cars available. 

It’s getting great reviews already and, even better, the "from" price tag comes in at just over £25,000 (inclusive of the Plug-In car grant of £3,000)

  • Approximate miles: 144 (WLTP)
  • Cost: From £25,100
  • Available: Now

4. Best electric car for families - Hyundai Kona Electric

Hyundai Kona 64kwh electric car

With plenty of room, this is a perfect fit for any family. The Hyundai Kona Electric comes in two versions making it one of the most versatile electric cars on the market. The difference between the two versions is just the battery pack.

The slightly more affordable standard version comes with a range of up to 180 miles. The second, longer-range option is capable of journeys up to 270 miles making it the best electric car for its range and price. Perfect for those wishing to switch to an affordable electric car whilst still making longer journeys. 

Again, demand for this car is high, with a waiting list currently in place.

  • Approximate miles: up to 300 (WLTP)
  • Cost: From £30,150
  • Available: Now


5. Best value electric car - Peugeot e-2008

Peugeot e-2008 in blue

The Peugeot e-2008 offers a lot of electric car for the price. This family-sized SUV offers a generous boot space of 434 litres and a 50kWh battery that kicks out 136 horsepower.

The battery has an 8-year warranty or 100,000 miles for 70% of its charge capacity, as standard. and with 5 USB sockets and an array of in-car entertainment functions, there's enough tech in this car to make all the family happy.

  • Approximate miles: 206 (WLTP)
  • Cost: From £29,680
  • Available: Now


6. Best electric car for features - Jaguar I-Pace

Electric car - Jaguar i-Pace

Joining the Tesla Model 3 as one of the luxury cars on our list is the Jaguar I-Pace. It’s Jaguar’s first all-electric car, and claims it can deliver up to 298 miles on one charge. With an acceleration of 0 – 60mph in 4.5 seconds, this car can really go.

It’s futuristic and cutting-edge and includes all the interior styling and features you would expect from Jaguar.

It's not just us that consider this one of the best electric cars on the market. The car has earned itself a hat-trick at the 2019 World Car Awards picking up the World Car of the Year, World Car Design of the Year and World Green Car titles.

  • Approximate miles: 290
  • Cost: From £65,195
  • Available: Now

7. Most popular electric car - Nissan Leaf

Nissan Leaf Acenta in Arctic White


From the manufacturer that brought us the first mass-produced electric car is the new Nissan LEAF. We’ve loved this electric car since it first hit the UK market in 2010, and this newly designed version 2.0 is even better. Where the original Nissan LEAF lacked range, the latest models come with bigger batteries which give drivers more miles. Choose from a 40kWh as standard or the 62kWh e+ for even more distance.

This is an all-round great electric car, perfect for families and commuters. The car also includes Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility features, which include emergency braking, cruise control and lane intervention. It's not as sporty as the electric cars on this list, but it's a good solid car.

It’s no wonder that the LEAF has sold more than any other electric car and continues to be classed as among the best electric cars in the UK.

  • Approximate miles: 140 – 215
  • Cost: From £26,845
  • Available: Now


8. Best luxury electric car - Audi e-tron

Audi e-tron electric car

Another in the luxury car range Audi’s offering is a practical, SUV-style vehicle.

It’s not dissimilar to the Audi Q5 crossover. With great performance, quick acceleration (0 – 62mph in 5.7 seconds) and a decent mileage range, Audi says it is the most advanced of their vehicles yet.

The car comes with all the latest technology, such as matrix LED lights and self-parking capability. This will be a top choice for anyone who loves a bit of luxury in their cars.

  • Approximate miles: 170 - 260
  • Cost: From £71,560
  • Available: Now

9. Best electric car for efficiency - Hyundai IONIQ Electric

Hyundai Ioniq electric polar white

This is another contender for a great family electric car suitable for decent distances. Its traditional coupe style is simple but easy on the eye and inside the vehicle is adequate space for a family of four.

It comes with Bluelink Connectivity which connects the car with an app allowing you to remotely set the charging and heating. This also cleverly allows you to plan your route when at home through the app, which will then sync with the in-car navigation system.

Hyundai also offers a hybrid or plug-in hybrid version if you’re not quite ready to go pure electric.

  • Approximate miles: 165
  • Cost: From £29,450
  • Available from: 2020

10. Best electric car for 2021 - VW ID.3

Volkswagen ID.3 electric car

We're very excited about the VW ID.3. Although it was a little late to be released at the end of 2020, the whole VW ID range is tipped to offer us some of the best electric cars of 2021.

VW has invested heavily in four hotly anticipated electric concept vehicles which also include a saloon, SUV and a seven-seater microbus, but it will be the ID.3 which has been pushed off the production line first.

The ID.3 is a five-door hatchback. It promises high performance, all the latest technology and a choice of three powertrains. This will allow drivers to choose between standard, mid and long-range options depending on their mileage preferences.

What makes it worthy of such a high rating for us is both the range capabilities but also the price tag. This will be another car in high demand, so reservations are recommended.

  • Approximate miles: 175 – 330
  • Cost: From £29,000
  • Available: Now

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