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EV car next to wind turbines

Electric Car Rental & Sharing

By Miranda Murphy-Merrydew | Posted August 26, 2021
Renault Zoe electric car

Electrify your car share with pay-per-trip electric car rentals from Turo

Thinking of buying an electric car? Own an electric car? Why not give electric car sharing a go! Here’s why electric car rental from car owners is a perfect fit for our modern, planet-conscious lifestyles. It's easy to get started with Turo car sharing.

Car sharing’s caring: the rise of EV sharing

You've most likely booked places to stay via property sharing site Airbnb. Or perhaps you took an Uber or rental bike home last night? Or maybe you opted for staying in and ordering a Deliveroo? Sharing is a part of our everyday lives, with food, stays, bikes and cars a few taps away. It’s good for the budget, hugely convenient and saves on extra carbon emissions. The sharing economy has grown rapidly in the last decade and it’s now the turn of electric car sharing.

Here are our top 6 reasons to give electric car sharing a test drive!

1) Try before you buy

For many people the main barrier to buying an electric car is price. Whilst the price of EVs is coming closer to that of petrol cars, the initial outlay is still higher. However, the price of running them is cheaper (our GoElectric car tariff will cost you under a fiver to charge up at night for example). The Turo car sharing app allows EV owners to share their car, giving anyone curious about EVs a chance to try them out. Plus there are the added benefits of insurance, 24/7 accident response breakdown and maintenance all included. Electric car sharing is a great way to test out electric driving before you buy, or you might find car sharing works for your lifestyle.


2) Access to charging and parking space

Another common challenge is access to chargers. Although chargers are becoming more widely available on streets, supermarkets, petrol stations and even lampposts, many worry about access to charge points. EV car sharing offers designated car spaces with chargers. Car sharing sites like Turo also offer delivery options, so you can get a fully charged, electric car delivered to your door (a little like a Deliveroo!).

3) Fewer cars on the road - environmental and safety benefits

Booking your car directly from the owner has the benefit of less traffic on the roads. Electric car sharing has the added benefit of cleaner, safer cars on the road and therefore improved air quality and less CO2 emissions. Car sharing helps reduce car ownership, encouraging a shift away from private car use to a variety of methods - electric car driving, walking, cycling and public transport.

4) Dress to impress - one electric car doesn't have to fit all

This is the real bonus benefit. As the world's largest car sharing app, Turo has a wide range of cars to choose from- a 4x4 for that wedding in the Highlands or a compact city car for your meeting in town!

5) Make money from your electric car

If you already own an electric car, you can earn money by sharing it out when you're not using it (similar to being an Airbnb host). Covid has reshaped the way we live, work and travel. If your electric car is just sitting outside, fully charged with nowhere to go, why not share it and make a bit of extra cash? You can also check out our electric car tariffs to make sure you're on the best tariff for your current lifestyle.

6) Be ready for the 2030 ban on petrol and diesel cars

Petrol cars are on a deadline. By 2030 the UK will ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars. Booking an electric car privately is an easy way to get ready by testing them out and getting used to charging over filling up.

Ready to get started? Electric car sharing’s easy with Turo.

We're teaming up with Turo to make it as easy as possible to drive electric. Here's how to get started:

  1. Visit their website
  2. Search your location to find convenient options near you
  3. Book your car: sometimes you'll meet the owners, or sometimes you'll be able to directly unlock your car from the app
  4. Drive away and pay per trip - you can even add additional drivers for free!

Doing your bit for Net Zero

Electrification of transport is vital to the efforts to reverse climate change and bring down global temperatures. As the recent IPCC climate report has shown, this is now more urgent than ever. For people to make the switch they'll need the availability and experience of driving an electric car. We, therefore, want to make it as easy as possible for people to make electric cars their first choice. As well as teaming up with Turo to offer electric car rentals directly from EV owners, we also offer leasing options, home charging points and a range of electric car tariffs to suit every lifestyle. Electric car sharing is a great stepping stone or lifestyle choice to anyone looking to drive electric or rent out their electric car. So why not give it a try and take the first step on your own journey towards a Net Zero UK?

Do you already drive an EV?

Our GoElectric tariff uses 100% zero carbon renewable electricity from wind and solar power(1).