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To ensure the success of our proposed new nuclear projects - Hinkley Point C and Sizewell C - we are developing a robust supply chain from a wide range of international, national and local firms. That’s why we’re working closely with the Chambers of Commerce in the regions, to make sure that local businesses can easily find out and apply for supplier opportunities.

  • For the Hinkley Point C project we are working with the Somerset Chamber of Commerce and Into-Somerset, the County Council’s inward investment organisation. Local is defined as businesses based in the county of Somerset, including those in North Somerset
  • For the development at Sizewell C, we are working with the Suffolk Chamber of Commerce. In this case, local is defined as Suffolk and Norfolk based companies

You can find out how to register your interest below. Please note, your information may be shared with Tier 1 Contractors who are looking to develop their own supply chain for the project.

If you have any questions about our supply chain, please email

Somerset and South West businesses

Somerset and South West businesses can register their interest in working on the proposed nuclear new build project at Hinkley Point C by visiting

Suffolk and Norfolk businesses

Register your interest in working on the proposed nuclear new build project at Sizewell C by visiting

Businesses from other areas

If your company is located outside the local regions, please register with the National database.

If you have already registered with the National database you can sign in here.

HPC supplier booklet

How to become a qualified supplier

We've prepared a booklet called Hinkley Point C Supply Chain – be part of it, which includes a step-by-step guide to the process involved in becoming a qualified supplier.

Workpackage and Contract Information: Explore the Supply Chain

Hinkley Point C is a vast project divided into hundreds of distinct work packages spanning everything from main earthworks to the valves within the reactor itself. The procurement landscape has been simplified into an interactive tool which will allow prospective suppliers to identify both existing and future opportunities across the whole supply chain. Click on the link below to access the work package and contract listing page.

Hinkley Point C Supply Chain Partners – The UK Story…

A large number of companies in the UK supply chain are already working on, or have become preferred bidders for, the Hinkley Point C project.

Companies from across the UK are among those selected to date through fair and open competition. Any contract signings are subject to a final investment decision from EDF Energy.

A number of firms have successfully come together to form joint ventures to work on the project.

The map opposite shows some of these companies. Information is provided on the relevant work packages, as well as contact details and case studies.

How to qualify: Supplier selection criteria

The primary aims of our procurement and contracting strategy are to:

  • Ensure services, equipment, materials and construction are safely provided
  • Ensure that these are high-quality, on time and within the budget, taking into account the long-term operation of the plant
  • Deliver best value
  • Provide a transparent approach with clear roles, accountabilities and decision making

In order to deliver this ambitious project on time and on budget, our procurement partners will have to make safety and quality central to everything they do. Our key considerations in selecting supply chain participants include:

  • An uncompromising commitment to nuclear, industrial and environmental safety
  • A desire to achieve zero harm while delivering our sustainability and environmental aspirations
  • Cost and socio-economic benefits

We've prepared a booklet called Hinkley Point C Supply Chain – be part of it, which includes a step-by-step guide to the process involved in becoming a qualified supplier.

Read our Health, Safety & Environmental Standard

Our Health, Safety and Environmental Standard sets out how we will seek to achieve ‘Zero Harm’ throughout the construction of Hinkley Point C, and outlines the health, safety and environmental expectations for everyone involved in the construction and commissioning of the proposed new facility and associated developments.

Hinkley Point C from above

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View and download Hinkley Point C documentation.

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Jobs at Hinkley Point C

We're going to need a lot of talented people to help bring this important project to life.

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Hinkley Point C opportunities

Our investment in the Hinkley Point C project is going to create huge opportunities. Find out what they are.