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Sluice Gate Storage Structures


We are proposing to add four new storage racks to store sluice gates and their lifting beams when they are not in use. 

Sluice gates will support the maintenance of Hinkley Point C’s cooling water system by holding back sea water. They will only be used when the reactors are shut down to carry out maintenance and refuelling.

When we made our original Development Consent Order application, the design of the sluice gates had not been finalised. Now this has been completed, we are able to confirm the way in which they will be stored.


What is included in the change?

Sluice gate storage racks will now be built close to the Hinkley Point C forebay.

Four new structures would be needed in total – two for each of the reactors. They would be in the form of “toaster” style racks and fixed to a concrete base.

There will be two different sizes of steel rack, the larger being 5.4m high and the smaller 4.5m high. They will sit alongside the much taller Pump House Buildings at the northernmost edge of the site.

The pictures below show similar storage racks at the Flamanville 3 nuclear power station in France and a drawing of the storage racks proposed for Hinkley Point C.

Further information

Further information on the proposal to use sluice gate storage racks can be found within the consultation overview document and supporting technical reports.

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