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Retention of Hinkley Point Substation

What is the proposed change?

The Hinkey Point Substation was constructed in 2014 as a temporary building to be used during the construction of Hinkley Point C. It is contained within a small building to the northeast of the site, adjacent to the access road to Hinkley Point A station.

The substation currently supplies the construction site with electricity from the National Grid. We are proposing to keep the existing Hinkley Point substation throughout the operation of Hinkley Point C.

The Substation proposed to be retained should not be confused with the National Grid Substation, also known as the Shurton Substation. When Hinkley Point C is operational it will supply power from the new power station to the National Grid.

Why the change?

After construction, we have an obligation to provide power to Hinkley Point A and Hinkley Point B power stations as they continue their decommissioning.

The substation has been built with a 60-year design life. It is more efficient and sustainable to retain the substation than to construct an entirely new building.

As the substation is being retained there will be no external changes and only very minor modifications to the internal elements of the building are required.

The existing substation is the green building shown in the image.

Further information

Further information on the proposal to retain the electrical substation can be found within the consultation overview document and supporting technical reports.

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