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Relocation and Lowering of the Meteorological Mast


A meteorological mast and meteorological station were proposed to host instruments and equipment to measure weather conditions such as wind speed, direction and air temperature. The data would provide important information in the event of an emergency.

We plan to retain the meteorological mast, but at a lower height and in a new location away from surrounding buildings. We are also proposing to remove the building housing the meteorological station and relocate the equipment outside into small cabinets.  

The original location of the meteorological mast was close to surrounding buildings and could have led to inaccurate measurements.

The new location will ensure that the equipment meets the current guidelines set out by the World Meteorological Organisation, which were published in 2018 after the Development Consent Order had been approved.

What will change?

The new location away from surrounding buildings, together with the use of modern systems means the change would see the mast substantially reduced in height from 50m to 10m.

We will not require a separate building for the meteorological station so it will be removed from our plans

It is proposed that the meteorological station will be moved to a platform 20m above sea level rather than 14m above sea level. As a result, the height of the mast would be reduced by 34 m in comparison to the original plans.

A drawing of the new proposed meteorological mast is shown on the right.

Further information

Further information on the proposal  can be found within the consultation overview document and supporting technical reports.

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