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We are going to need a lot of skilled people to help us build and operate the proposed new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point C. Find out everything you need to know about jobs at Hinkley Point C here.

Jobs at Hinkley Point C

The Hinkley Jobs service

The construction and operation of Hinkley Point C will create thousands of employment and apprenticeship opportunities in a broad range of occupations and careers.  Opportunities will include construction, civil engineering, electrical installation, hospitality, catering, logistics, security, site services, support roles and others over the coming years. When complete, Hinkley Point C will also have an expected workforce of nearly a thousand people who will be needed to run the Power station throughout its 60 year operation.

To help ensure that local people can access employment opportunities, both during the construction and in operation, we've created a dedicated Hinkley Jobs service, a partnership between EDF Energy, Jobcentre Plus and other local support organisations and training providers. The Hinkley Jobs service:

  • Matches people to available jobs at Hinkley Point C and other local opportunities
  • Delivers and arranges programmes to help people into work
  • Invests in and supports dedicated local training centres that can provide skills and courses that employers need

If you wish to register your interest in future opportunities, please use our online application form or call either 01278 436132 or 0800 029 4289.

How the Hinkley Jobs service works

How Hinkley Jobs works

We are working with our contract partners at an early stage to plan for the specific jobs that will be created at Hinkley Point C throughout the construction period.  This information is used by the Hinkley Jobs Team to help local people plan and prepare for the forthcoming roles as they start to become available.  This includes the potential for arranging tailored training and pre-employment support, where available.

All vacancies will be passed to Hinkley Jobs 48 hours before being opened up to wider recruitment, giving priority to local people.  The team will then match local candidates from their database to employment opportunities. If potential candidates for roles cannot be identified locally, the opportunities will be opened more widely.

How to register your interest in jobs

Are you interested in a career at Hinkley Point C?

Register your interest with the Hinkley Jobs Team, by filling in the job application form below, and we will send you all the necessary information to help begin your job search with us.

What you will need to register

What do I need to work on Hinkley Point C Project?

Hinkley Point C is a nuclear construction project and will require all potential employees to exhibit the behaviours necessary to work within the strict security and health & safety requirements. It is important that before being put forward for any vacancy through Hinkley Jobs, you will need to complete a registration form, which will be provided after your initial contact with us. We will also need an up to date copy of your CV that must include:

  • Contact details: current home address, telephone number & email
  • 3 year checkable work history. Any gaps in employment must be explained
  • Skills and Qualifications
  • 2 work references
  • A completed Data Protection Enrolment Declaration, which is provided with the registration form
  • Copies of all academic or workplace qualifications

Before you start work at Hinkley Point C you will also need to satisfy other criteria during your induction which includes having the right to work in UK and having passed a drug and alcohol test.

Hinkely Jobs will provide advice on any other requirements depending on the role you are applying for.  If you are at all unsure, please do contact the Hinkley Jobs team for guidance via e-mail:

If you wish to register your interest in future opportunities, please use our online application form or call either 01278 436132 or 0800 029 4289.

Register your interest

Interested in working on Hinkley Point C with one of our construction partners? Fill in our jobs application form to receive notifications for suitable vacancies.

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