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A Career in the Finance Teams at EDF

Posted July 18, 2023

After joining the Finance team in an entry-level role after university, Katherine Moriame has enjoyed a diverse career path with EDF and now heads up the Commercial team for EDF Business Solutions.

I've enjoyed a varied and interesting career at EDF. I’ve spent in time roles within and outside of the Finance team, and there are always opportunities to move around and develop, which keeps things exciting!

Katherine Moriame,
Head of Commercial

Tell us a little about your role as Head of Commercial for EDF Business Solutions (EBS).

I look after around 30 people, across 4 teams, who’re supporting the area of EDF that looks after businesses and the public sector. Our primary focuses are working on our strategy, marketing, team enablement and reporting.  We’re a central function looking to support and challenge each part of EBS and making sure it all hangs together.

We also focus on how we can continue to help Britain achieve #NetZero. Examples of the work we do include managing the EBS REGO certificate position and developing products that can help generators with a route to market or that support energy users to link to #ZeroCarbon energy sources. We also work with the Carbon Trust for them to be able to certify the way in which we have calculated the mix of our energy sources. 

You joined EDF in 2010, what is it about the company that’s made you stay?

The energy industry is interesting and working at EDF offers a chance to see how something that’s in everyone’s lives (gas and electrics) actually operates - how the lights are kept on minute to minute. There’s also the longer-term challenge of balancing a commercial company while providing the service our customers need. If you then factor in changing systems, innovative tech and our ambitions for Net Zero, it makes for a really interesting context within which to work.

EDF is large and varied, so I’ve changed jobs every couple of years, working within and outside of core Finance roles, so it’s never boring and I’ve gained a real breadth of experience.

Is it essential to have a Finance qualification to join the team? 

I didn’t have a qualification when I joined EDF.  I’ve taken the opportunity to complete CIMA (which EDF funded) and I’ve spent time working in some traditional finance roles. However, the way the finance team is set up means that you can choose to work in technical finance roles, or go down the strategy and commercial route, where you focus on how your part of the company operates within the market context. 

The key attributes that will help you succeed in the EDF Finance team are a logical, mathematical mindset and a curiosity about what is happening in the business.

Does EDF Finance feel like a diverse and inclusive place to work? 

Yes - at EDF I feel I’m able to be myself and that this is supported and encouraged. I feel I can give my honest opinion when discussing any topic and that it will be openly discussed.  

I think the Finance team is good at celebrating our differences. I’m a member of some of EDF’s Employee Networks and they offer me a glimmer of understanding of what others’ lived experiences are like. For example, attending events with our RACE network provides insights that I didn’t have an awareness of before.  It’s great to raise awareness of Ramadan or Eid and why understand they’re important.

Taking a career break also gave me an insight into what it must feel like to return from maternity leave or an illness. It helps me understand and support my team better.

What about work/life balance? 

There’s lots of flexibility to fit personal commitments around work priorities. My husband and I have been working on a house in the South of France and I took a 6-month sabbatical to make it liveable. I love that I have the flexibility to head out to France for a couple of weeks and I’ll work for the first week and take leave for the second.

What do you enjoy most about working at EDF?

It’s a combination of the lovely people, alongside the everchanging market and operating context. It’s really interesting. The teams are super friendly and really nice people.  It’s a great environment to be part of. 

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