Ivan Prozesky, Environmental Safety Trainee Engineer

ivan prozesky, young engineer

Ambassador for science

“We provide advice to keep people safe at our station - the work includes developing new training packages, as well as monitoring controlled areas, tracking trends and implementing improvements. My work is often plant-based, interacting with other staff. I’m also a STEM Ambassador – and work to encourage young people to take an interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths that could lead to an engineering career.”

Informing school students

“As a STEM Ambassador I use my experience of engineering to deliver presentations to local schools, help with career fairs and sometimes even support lessons. It gives the students an insight into the skills needed in the energy industry and gives them the chance to speak to someone who has been through the process of studying and choosing a career. In one project we created a presentation, went to 13 schools and met over 2,000 Year 7 students. In another, we ran a maths challenge for around 200 students in four sessions throughout the day. Both projects were highly enjoyable.”

Giving time, gaining skills

“I don’t usually like speaking in front of large groups, so this gave me a chance to practise my public speaking skills, and I have gained a great sense of accomplishment. I was very proud to be involved with the projects and I’m sure all the other graduates involved felt the same way. We put together interesting, and at times funny, presentations and you could see the students enjoying it. I will definitely be involved in future STEM activities for EDF Energy. I think it’s important to develop skills for the future and inspire young people. It shows we care, and are giving something back.”

Richard Hawksby, Group Head Design Engineering

Getting involved with the Big Energy Project at Heysham 1

The Big Energy Project, developed by EDF Energy and children's charity The Transformation Trust, saw teams of Key Stage 3 students from 16 schools across the country run their own energy efficiency campaigns over a six-week period. Each campaign was submitted to a panel of judges and entries were assessed against criteria including environmental impact, creativity and measurable changes in behaviour


The Project also aims to encourage a change in behaviour towards energy saving as well as to help students develop key competencies such as teamwork, problem-solving, enterprise and leadership skills.


“Working with young people as part of our Big Energy Project was great fun. They were so enthusiastic and full of ideas. Taking part in the Project was also a great way to help some disadvantaged families learn the best ways to save energy and money.”

- Richard Hawksby – Group Head Design Engineering

Debra Page, Internal Communications Consultant

Steps into Work

As part of our commitment to diversity and inclusion, we support Steps Into Work: a programme developed by National Star College as a route into employment for adults with disabilities. Steps Into Work lets students improve their work and social skills by trying out various roles in an organisation, with the
hope they can achieve paid employment afterwards. This and programmes like it helped us become the first energy company to achieve the National Equality Standard.

"By bringing Steps Into Work into the organisation we areopening up a recruitment pipeline of young people who will introduce us to innovative ways of working and problem solving. As our business diversifies over the coming years, our organisation will need to respond to a more diverse range of needs, allowing us to become a more inclusive employer. “I have met some unique young people through National Star College who have impressed me with how positively they deal with some of life’s challenges.”

- Debra Page, Internal Communications Consultant

Our Better Energy Ambitions

Our six Better Energy Ambitions set out our short, medium and long-term goals and targets for improving our social, economic and environmental performance.

By meeting these ambitions, we will have created Better Lives, Better Experience and Better Energy - The Better Plan - in a responsible and sustainable way.