What is smart security?

You can get both indoor security cameras and outdoor security cameras – each for slightly different purposes. However, with both options you are able to see exactly what's going on in or outside of your home from your smart phone or tablet. You get alerts when people, cars, or alarms are present and can modify your settings to suit your home.

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What are the benefits of smart security cameras?

Indoor security camera

The camera can be set up by your front door – you then just need to plug it in and download the app. Face recognition means you can identify your loved ones and get alerts when someone enters who is not recognised.

You can adjust your settings to adapt to your home. Choose to turn on alarm detectors or pet monitoring and turn off recording for familiar faces so your family can relax.


Outdoor security camera

The outdoor camera is simple to set up – just like an outdoor light. It can detect people, cars and animals. Precise alerts means you know exactly what's happening at your property and when anything out of the ordinary occurs. You can use live stream to see your house in real time and match notifications to suit your needs.

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