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The EDF Energy Pulse Awards promotes innovation and contributes to the developments of the future. Our goal is to showcase and provide tangible support to start-ups that are helping to shape that future.

Find out more about this years winners and follow the journey of Blue Lab's Connected Home and Business Challenge finalists. We'll be keeping you up to date with their journey through our innovation accelerator programme and how their ideas will improve the lives of our customers.

You can also find details for upcoming events and announcements for the next EDF Energy Pulse Awards.

Watch video: Pulse Awards: How EDF Energy is Supporting Innovation

Pulse Awards: How EDF Energy is Supporting Innovation

European Pulse awards

Our parent company EDF Group have announced their 2017 EDF Pulse award finalists

The EDF Group Pulse Awards invites submissions from European-wide start-ups and is in its fourth successful year. In 2017 alone, over 500 entries were received and a panel of experts have whittled this down to just 12 finalists.

We're excited to announce that our Blue Lab 'Connected Home and Business' category winner, Howz, has been selected as a finalist for the 'Smart Home' category. You can also vote for your favourite start up in the Audience Award category by clicking the link below. 

Dates for your diary

  • 15 June 2017
    Public vote opens

    Have your say and vote for your favourite EDF Pulse start-up
  • 19 September 2017
    Prize giving ceremony

    Watch the 2017 EDF Pulse Awards prize giving ceremony live on Twitter. We'll share a link to the live stream on the day.

Innovation and working with EDF Energy

Watch video: Electric Days Paris: The Future of Life

Electric Days Paris

Electric Days is a 2 day event organised by our parent company, EDF Group with the aim of bringing together the people who today are preparing for the energy of tomorrow. Discovering the latest innovations from EDF Group in smart homes, smart cities and low carbon generation.

This years event took place in January and saw more than 1500 customers and 350 experts gather to discover and experience the 100 innovations of tomorrow. 

Congratulations to our 2016 winners and finalists


Winner of the Blue Lab connected home and business category 

Founded by inventor Jonathan Burr, Howz is a new connected home system predominantly aimed at elderly people living alone, created to empower the individual to let their family know they are safe, warm and well.

The system has the ability to read people’s use of electricity and combines this with information from sensors that detect door movement, temperature and light levels in a person’s home. Howz uses this information to determine patterns of daily activity and notify a person’s care network should it identify any unusual activity or trends.

Detective Dot

Category: Inspiring young people into STEM                                                             

Detective Dot is the brainchild of Sophie Deen, founder of Bright Little Lab. With coding now a compulsory subject for children aged five plus, the company's mission is to inspire kids, especially girls and underrepresented groups, into STEM and coding.

The story sees 'Detective Dot', a nine-year old tech whizz, embark on global missions using her coding skills and gadgets to crack the case. The story promotes critical thinking and is accessible to everyone as it doesn't require expensive hardware or to be a math’s prodigy to get into coding.



Category: Data solutions for improving health and safety at work

Slalom is a values and purpose-driven business and technology consulting firm. They strive to do more than just provide solutions - they seek to change communities and solve challenging business problems, and leave clients better off than when they started.

Slalom has a HSE practice that combines cutting edge data, analytics and mobile application expertise with health and safety principles devised from best practice at NASA. Their goal is to help their clients make data-driven decisions that save lives and make people safer.

Viridian Consultants

Category: Monitoring and inspection solutions for energy generation assets​

Kym, Susan and John set up Viridian when they were working together at Imperial College Reactor Centre. Viridian provides the nuclear sector with instrumentation solutions, expertise and training.

It is becoming the ‘go to’ company for nuclear characterisation sensors, which means developing tools to sample and analysis radioactivity on decommissioning.

Ultra Electronics PMES

Category: Monitoring and inspection solutions for energy generation assets​

Ultra Electronics, PMES is part of Ultra Electronics, an internationally successful defense, security, transport and energy company.

PMES provides innovative, high-technology power conversion and control solutions, signature management systems and high integrity sensors for a variety of defense and industrial applications. The business also provides DC or AC substation equipment to the railway industry and an extensive range of bespoke transformers and reactors.

Ipsum Energy

Blue Lab Finalist

Ipsum places consumers at the heart of the energy chain by providing personalised insights into how to save energy and money, manage appliances and protect the planet. They compare the data they collect across communities and user types to make an analysis of how consumers are doing compared to their peers.

This information is then fed back through an app in a tailored, actionable and engaging form, providing consumers with the tools to save energy and be in control.


Blue Lab Finalist

Momit is a Spanish founded company that designs, develops and builds smart devices for everyone. Learning from the user’s preferences and habits, their devices ensure their consumers comfort at any one time, whilst ensuring that no energy is wasted.

Momit allows customers to decide their monthly energy bill and then advises the programming that most suits their consumption habits, delivering all the information through friendly apps with differentiated functionalities.

Upside Energy

Blue Lab Finalist

When the electricity grid runs dangerously short of capacity, to meet demand, it turns on its dirtiest, most expensive power stations. Upside Energy have found a greener, cheaper way for the electricity grid to meet demand during peak times.

Upside operates a cloud-based service that coordinates energy stored in uninterruptible power supplies; batteries attached to solar PV, electric vehicles, hot water tanks and heat pumps, eliminating the need for any additional hardware or investment. This creates a ‘Virtual Energy Store’ (VES) enabling them to sell a range of Demand Response services to grid and distribution network operators and energy suppliers.


Blue Lab Finalist

Futurehome is a Norwegian tech-startup that provides a one-stop-shop for sourcing smart home technology and related services. It enables customers to choose products and services that fit their specific needs from a selection of their favourite brands, making it easier for them to have a complete Smarthome service.

With their user-friendly app, customers can connect a growing list of smart devices within lighting, heating, alarms and electronic locks. These can then work together to give total control, comfort and security.


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Detective Dots - Inspiring the Next Science Generation

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