6 Jun 14

Torness visitor centre celebrates its first birthday

In just one year Torness nuclear power station’s visitor centre has gone from strength to strength with more than three thousand visitors and a five star award by VisitScotland.

To celebrate the first birthday of the visitor centre, EDF Energy Chief Executive, Vincent de Rivaz, paid a visit along with pupils from East Linton Primary. They all enjoyed a good look around the centre, a tour of the nuclear station and a of course, a piece of birthday cake.

Chief Executive, Vincent de Rivaz, congratulated visitor centre manager Faith Scott and her team of ten guides on their success: “I am delighted to visit the visitor centre at Torness nuclear power station and see the excellent work that goes on here. By welcoming groups from schools, universities and the local area we are helping spread the message that nuclear energy not only provides safe and reliable electricity generation for millions of homes but is also a low carbon solution.”

Station Director Paul Winkle said, “I am delighted to welcome Vincent and the pupils of East Linton Primary to the visitor centre. It is important people know more about what we do here at the nuclear power station as we are very proud of what we have achieved.”

Visitor centre manager Faith Scott said, “No two days are ever the same in the visitor centre and we welcome anyone who wants to satisfy their curiosity and find out more about nuclear power.”