29 Jan 14

Statement on Cottam and West Burton A coal power stations

In 2016, the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) will require existing coal fired plants to comply with new emissions limits. EU regulations classify West Burton A Power Station as comprising two plants and Cottam Power Station one plant. EDF Energy intends to comply with these new air emission limits through the UK’s “Transitional National Plan” (TNP) for Cottam and for at least one of the two West Burton A plants. This will require the plants to be fitted with new technology to further reduce their emissions.

EDF Energy continues to explore various options to address the commercial, technical, environmental and regulatory challenges that legislation presents for existing coal powers stations after 2016.

In the meantime, EDF Energy has the option to run the plants under the “Limited Life Derogation” (LLD) scheme. This means that the plants can run without further modifications for a further 17,500 hours or to the end of December 2023, whichever is the earlier. The deadline for placing plants in the LLD was 31 December 2013 and EDF Energy can confirm that it has entered both power stations into this scheme.

Defra has confirmed that generators choosing the LLD option will still have the opportunity to enter into the UK’s Transitional National Plan (TNP), or fully comply with the Industrial Emissions Directive, by 1 January 2016.

Existing coal stations in the UK will play a key role in ensuring security of supply during the transition to new low carbon generation in the early 2020s. Coal station operators need to ensure that the transition can be delivered in the most cost effective manner, minimising impact for customers and environment.